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Sunday Favorites - Spring Thriftstore Treasures

I haven't joined in on a Sunday Favorite in a few weeks, it's just been too cold to sit at the computer. But today was super-delicious-gorgeous and I wanted to share a post I did in Spring of 2009 in which I went thrifting and found some treasures. I went thrifting again today with my mom but unfortunately I only found one treasure which I'll try to photograph tomorrow. So enjoy this blast from the past and be sure to go say hi to Chari at Happy to Design and see what other favorites you can find.

Sunday Favorite
March 23, 2009

Saturday I woke up and debated...should I spend the day cleaning house and doing laundry or should I go hit all the Goodwill's and some yard sales and see if I can find any treasures? Guess which idea won out?
If you guessed Goodwill and yard sales you win! So what do you win? Well the only thing I can offer is a peak at all the treasures I found and some pictures on what I did with them.

My first stop didn't prove to be too fruitful, but I did find these little gardening bunnies. All total they came out to $2.52 and the funny thing was that was exactly how much money I had in my purse!

After leaving that Goodwill and heading to the next one I kept an eye out for yard sales. I only found one on my way and almost didn't stop at that one...but I'm glad I did, look at what I scored:
When I got to the yard sale I saw a lady pick it up and ask the man how much he wanted for it and he told her $3.00. She walked around with it for a bit and then put it back down and I snatched it up and went and asked the man how much he wanted for it...and he told me $1.00!? Kind of weird huh? But I didn't ask any questions, just figured it was my lucky day and snatched it up.

Here's a picture of where I hung it in my bedroom. I love this wall because it's the one I look at when I first wake up in the morning. The picture that says "It's a Wonderful Life" was a gift from my sister in law Connie and family. It's just what I need to be reminded of every single morning. The little bunny picture was a thrift find which I found at the American Cancer Society Discovery Store.

At the next Goodwill I found a set of dishes with a grape design that I haven't photographed yet, but I will once I get them hung up in my kitchen and another bowl that I bought just because of the beautiful colors, but I also didn't photograph it. It's more autumn colors.
Then I went to my favorite Goodwill. This Goodwill has mostly books, but a few knick-knacks and pictures. I found a few more things for a Spring and Easter display.
First this aluminum bucket I guess is what it is. Here it is empty...

And here it is after I decorated it with some Easter grass and small colored eggs.

Then I found these beautiful nesting boxes. The all fit inside the big one and you can display just the big one, or all three of them. These are yours April...I remember how you once told me you wanted Russian Nesting Dolls and these are sort of the same thing, but different. But you can't have them yet :0)

I also found this little bunnies tree house decoration...

These bunnies I picked up on my lunch hour Friday at Dollar Tree. Their faces look a little big more like sheep than bunnies, but they have ears and sheep and bunnies are both for Easter so that makes the Easter Bunneeps or Sheennies.

And here's my Easter Mantle display. For less than $20.00 I was able to put this together. The Easter Bunny Garland in the background was purchased last year at an after Easter sale and this is the first time I've used it.

Tomorrow I'll show you my Easter Tablescape.
I love thrifting. These are all unique items that I will enjoy for years plus I spent a great day searching for them.

Oh, almost forgot. I also found these beautiful butterflies that match the colors in my bathroom which are baby blue and baby pink for some reason. I just hope they don't fall off the wall when we close the bathroom door...they seem so fragile.


  1. Love your Easter got yourself some great bargains!

  2. Looks like you did really well. Loved all your new treasures.

  3. Funny that you think it gets too cold to sit at a computer - - - and I would rather sit at a computer when it's cold than when it's nice.

    Oh - - -I see - - - you have your computer desk OUTSIDE.


  4. Cute post ... love the sheenies! What a steal on the picture! Thanks for stopping by my site ...

  5. Lucky you made the right choice and didn't stick around to clean house (b-o-r-i-n-g). ;-) And look at all of the great treasures you came home (to that wonderful uncleaned house) with. LOL Wise choice!

  6. Our local thrift shops have such a poor selection I rarely come home with anything.
    Your house is really getting to look like Spring is right around the corner. 2 weeks to go isn't it?

  7. Diane - Thanks so much and thanks for stopping by and especially for commenting. I do so love comments!

  8. Donnie - Thanks. I got really lucky. I can't wait for spring my friend!

  9. Keetha Broyles - It might be warmer to be outside, at least the sun would hit me :-)

    My computer desk faces a wall that faces my garage and when the garage gets cold my feet get cold and when my feet get cold, forget about it!

  10. Debbie Moore at Slice of Pie - Lol, you like my Sheenies huh? Thanks for stopping by, I really enjoyed your blog.

  11. Pondside - That's what I love about thrifting...when you get those lucky days. Yesterday, not so much but there's always next weekend!

  12. RainGardener - lol. I didn't think about the fact I came home to a messy house. But that's so true.

  13. Lori E - I used to go to the thrift stores in a northern California town my daughter lived in and they had treasures galore! Around here you really gotta look for them and dig way down deep. I just got lucky this day.

  14. How festive, Alicia! Love the Easter goodies that you found! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  15. Hi Alicia...

    Sooo happy to see you today, my friend! Thank you so much for sharing this sweet spring thrifting post with us for the Sunday Favorites repost party! Girl, you found some awesome treaasures! I love all of your bunnies...of course, I have a "thing" for all sweet bunnies! Hehe! I love the lavender heart picture...that's gorgeous and it looks so pretty up on your wall! Ohhh yes, I would have picked that pretty up in a heartbeat! Great bargain at just $1 too! Ohhh...and I just adore the pretty ceramic butterflies! The little flowers and ribbon on the wings are just gorgeous! Girl, you made off like a bandit on this treasure hunt! Hehe! I can hardly wait for the weather and yard sales! Yeeehawww!

    Have a wonderful week, dear friend!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  16. You really found some cute things! I love your new wall artwork and really think you lucked out on all the bunny/spring decor. I have a wall of my favorite pictures to wake up to in the mornings too :)

  17. I love Easter decorations. They're so cute and I always love Easter because before you know it's the weather is nice. I also love butterflies so I love them for your bathroom. You're a great shopper. Love it!

    ps...I can't believe you read my entire blog. A million thank you's!!!!! xoxo

  18. Alicia, you're really something when it comes to find little treasures.

    I like the aluminium bucket and the nesting boxes as I have something similar at home.
    And the butterflies - well, they greatly suit your temperament.


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