Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Iwanna Wednesday - Staying Warm in Style part Deux

Last week for Iwanna Wednesday I posted about scarves, shawls, wraps, pashminas and faux fur wraps. I still haven't brought up to my mom my brilliant idea of buying a faux fur throw and cutting it in order to make a faux fur wrap like the one Kourtney Kardashian has...but I will, oh yes, I will!

Lots of you commented on the post:
Monica with Happy Nester said she liked the butterfly scarf.
Marty from A Stroll Thru Life said she loves shawls and scarves and just hopes it gets cold enough to start wearing them.
Jarilyn from Write Place! Write Chick! said she loved the dreadlocks shawl and she made her own Iwanna wish by saying "Iwanna catch up on all my blog reading."
The Queen of Fifty Cents said she has an old cashmere sweater she's felted that she loves to wear around the house.
Kathryn of From the Inside...Out said she loved the jewel toned pashminas, but was unsure about the half-sweater look!
Amanda from Serenity Now-A Mommy's Solution to Staying Sane just came to say there was an exciting announcement on her site (and it was exciting...more on that in another post).
Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict also wished for cooler weather because she loved the pashminas!
And last but never least...Anny from RandomAnny.com said "I've never been able to properly wear one of these. It will be perfect in the mirror but as soon as I step away and start moving I look like a cat tried to climb my body grabbing unto the scarf "

I was really happy to have so many people comment. Thank you all so much. You're all wonderful writers/bloggers and you know how much comments mean :-)

So onward to part Deux (Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict will appreciate my French...she's a "prof en retraite"...a retired French teacher).

I have a secret to share. C'mon...come in real close. I don't want the whole world to hear, that's why! Ok...ready? Promise to take this secret to your grave? Ok...during the winter, under my pants; I, ummm...I wear leg warmers. Uh huh...leg warmers. And you know why? Well because they keep my legs warm...duh!

The first leg warmers I remember seeing were worn by Jane Fonda in her workout videos...remember those?
I actually have a pair exactly like those and they work so well because no one knows they are there. Unfortunately I only have the one pair and Iwanna more, so let's go see what I was able to find when I let my fingers do the walking this week!

I was amazed at how many different styles and types of leg warmers are available! First of all some normal looking ones. I love the sparkliness of these. Of course I'm not going to wear them with those shoes cause of that darn Sciatica!

I thought these were adorable, almost too pretty to hide under pants but I don't wear dresses or skirts very much anymore.

I love the little pom-poms on these don't you?

These next three seem pretty normal too. Iwanna some more like these because they would fit just right underneath pants and they're not too bulky but they're warm and pretty!

Now get a load of these....I never even knew anything like these existed! But I LOVE them. I don't know that I would ever wear them; or better yet where I would ever wear them, but Iwanna at least one like these! Aren't they too much!

I think these are just pieces of fur that are wrapped around the leg and tied with bows to keep them up. Not true leg warmers, but I just thought these were so adorable!

And these are pretty darned adorable too. I love the flowers on them and the bright colors. Even if no one can see them, it's nice to know you're wearing something so cute isn't it? So much green! My fav color!

And these next two are just so sweet, especially the peach colored ones with the lace trim that are really just ankle warmers. Don'tcha love them?

And you know...leg warmers aren't just for mature, elegant, fashionista's like Moi! They're great for babies and pets too!

And that's it for Iwanna Wednesday this week. Which ones do you like? Do you wear them, have you ever thought about it? Cause trust me they work great! What do you Iwanna this Wednesday cause you know Iwanna all of your Iwanna wishes to come true!


  1. Another use for felted sweaters! Yup, I keep a pair of wool sleeves cut off a sweater from South America at work and wear them at my desk when it's cold. Along with the pink angora sleeves I wear as arm warmers. Gets very colorful in my office sometimes!

  2. Oh, you are TOO FUNNY. I was waiting for your blog to download and I'm already saying, "I WANT IT. I don't know what IT is, but I WANT IT."

    I LOVE the peach ones with the lace....sex-ay!

    I wear leggings under my pants in winter...especially when I have to shovel. It's the layers...make you warm and snuggly.

    Love them!

  3. That Jane Fonda picture is hysterical. I love the leg warmers for pets. Adorable! But seriously, I think you're a genius! I freeze all winter and even though I wear pants or high boots I'm still cold! I'm going to try leg warmers. I love all the pictures! Thanks!!!!

  4. Living in a warm country as I do, warmers of any kind are not something I'm interesred in. But I like to have a look at nice items, and these leg - warmers displayed on your post are very attractive (especially the ones with pompons).

  5. Leg warmers were one of my favorite things as a kid...I missed them...I actually squealed 2 weekends ago in Vegas when I saw the cutest pair ever and I REALLY wanted them. I didn't buy them (I should have) I just don't know if I could pull them off. Maybe I'll start wearing them under my pants like you...then I can feel all happy inside knowing they are there....:)

  6. I love the white ones with the pink bow. Pink can you believe i love the ones with pink. But alas :( my mother would probably cut the ribbon off. lol


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