Friday, November 26, 2010

Want to solve a Puzzle?

My sister, brothers and I grew up living out in the country on various ranches my dad worked for. We always lived at least 8 miles away from the closest town. We didn't have cable, computers, Ipods, Twitter, Facebook, Wii, X-Box, cell phones, kindles, nooks or even DVD or VCR players. To keep us from getting bored, my mom had to be very, very good at keeping us entertained.

We played lots of games, went fishing, refinished furniture and did lots of jigsaw puzzles. It seems like there was always a big piece of plywood on our dining table with a puzzle going. We were welcome to sit at any time and work a little bit of it at a time. So I've always loved doing jigsaw puzzles. However it's been a long time since I've done one.

But now I've found this wonderful website, thanks to, that allows me to work jigsaw puzzles online and even create my own puzzles!!! The site is called I've solved quite a few puzzles at the site, but today I created my own puzzle using that sweet little puppy, Chorizo. I've embedded the puzzle below. This is the first time I've done one so I think if you click on it you will be taken to I made it kind of big, 208 pieces cause I love a challenge. If you solve it, let me know. I'll try to make a smaller one next time. Happy Puzzling!

Note: I deleted the larger version of the puzzle as it was really slowing down my blog for some reason. I'm going to leave the smaller 39 piece version and hope that I don't have a problem with it. You can still go to to find the larger version.

*******I had to re-make this puzzle as an easier version. The following is only 30 pieces*******


  1. It took me 57 minutes and 2 seconds to complete the entire puzzle. This is one of the harder puzzles I've ever done.

  2. Wow! So this is what we've come to, huh? Jigsaw puzzles never have to worry about losing one of the pieces! That sweet little puppy has a face that makes the effort of piecing the puzzle together totally worth it!

  3. Thirty pieces is about my speed! I've never been able to do jigsaw puzzles, even corner pieces elude me. So I'm thrilled to have put yours together!

  4. kathryn - I gotta tell's great to not lose any of the pieces! I do so love that puppy, she's adorable!

  5. The Queen of Fifty Cents - I'm glad that I re-did it with a smaller I'm glad you put it together.


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