Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Iwanna Wednesday - Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered plus a Giveaway!

Wow! I do believe that's the longest title ever!

So do you understand the title? Many of you might not realize that's a song...well the Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered part is a song. Here's a short video with Ella Fitzgerald singing the song. It's a little bit staticky (I don't believe thats a word, but you'll know what I mean when you hear the video) but well worth the listen...such a beautiful voice and such a beautiful lady.

So what does this song and Ella Fitzgerald and a Giveaway have to do with Iwanna Wednesday? A day when I get to want anything my little heart desires because my family says I want everything I see or hear about...hence my nickname Iwanna? Glad you asked!

Iwanna my childhood back! The song has a clue to what Iwanna, Ella just happens to have sang it/sung it beautifully and the Giveaway, well I'll save that for the end.

Any idea? Any guesses? Ok...well what Iwanna today is my favorite childhood toy. My Bewitched Doll or as I called it, my Samantha Doll.

Isn't she beautiful? My parents bought me one when I was a little girl. Not sure why they didn't just buy me a Barbie Doll, but they didn't. I think it's pretty cool that I had a Samantha doll from the Bewitched Show . Do you guys remember Samantha? She used to wiggle her nose for her witches magical powers? I used to love to watch the show. As much as I loved Samantha, I always wanted to be her mother, Endora. I think it was the makeup Endora wore...I've always loved makeup.

I don't know what ever happened to my Samantha doll. I know we moved a lot during my childhood and I'm sure somewhere along the way it got left behind and I've never gotten over it!

The Samantha Doll above can be purchased at Trojan Horse Antiques and Collectibles for $60 plus $12 shipping. Affordable don't you think?

And since I didn't know these next two dolls existed...but because I am Iwanna and Iwanna everything I see, Iwanna these two. An I Dream of Jeannie Doll and an Elly May Doll from the Beverly Hillbillies Show! Are these not something even you might wanna??? (See Jeannie's tiny little bottle barely peaking out at the bottom?)

You can get more info on Jeannie and Elly May at The Fashion Doll Review. These were displayed at Comic-Con. Now Iwanna go to Comic-Con!!! (It will be held in San Diego, CA which is totally do'able. Anyone wanna go?) This is why my family calls me Iwanna!

I guess we all have favorite toys from our childhood. I know my sister had a monkey she loved. What was your favorite childhood toy?

And before I forget, please click HERE to get the details on my $65 CSN Stores giveaway. Easy to enter, go find out how and enter because Iwanna YOU to win! Good Luck and may all your Iwanna Wishes come true!

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  1. I loved all of those shows!!! Especially "I dream Of Genie"!
    I wanted to be her when I grew up :O)


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