Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blogger Driving By Spots Body by Side of Canal

I haven't left my office for lunch since April 16th or so when the dreaded Sciatica hit me. I've been brown bagging it to work every day; at first to rest my leg and not drive around while on Vicodin and then because there's no way I'm driving around in the heat that we've been having.

But today I had to go to the bank and I thought a frozen yogurt treat from Mannings Yogurt would be awesome. So I headed there and was driving down Stine Road when I see a bunch of deputy sheriffs cars and I slow down to see what's going on and the side of the road is a body. I could tell the person was dead because there was no drama going on with the deputies trying to revive the person or applying CPR and no EMT's were on the scene.

Now I worked for a funeral home for nine years. I'm used to seeing bodies. Death doesn't scare me, I know it's a part of life and the person laying there in the casket is someone that is loved and will be missed by someone else. But to see someone lying there, on the side of the road, in the dirt and you know he's dead...well that is a little freaky.

I guess this poor soul was tossed into the canal after being hit in the head as the Sheriff's department said it was a suspicious death. Here's the video taken about an hour and a half before I drove by:

Here's the story from

Man working on roof spots body in canal

Authorities pulled a body from a canal Wednesday with what they called "suspicious" signs of trauma to the head.
The Kern County Sheriff's Office wouldn't specify what head injuries 50-year-old Julio Cesar Brizuela had sufferd.
A man working on a roof in the area of Belle Terrace and New Stine Road said he spotted the body and alerted law enforcement.
"Yeah, it's pretty crazy," said the witness, Damien Smith. "It's not something you see everyday."
The sheriff's office said the level of decomposition indicates the body wasn't in the water for very long.

I'm still sort of freaked out and my heart goes out to the family of Mr. Brizuela.


  1. I am sorry you saw that. No matter how use to seeing dead bodies i get, or use to get, it is still sad to think of the family. And freaky to think he may have been murdered. I hope you are feeling better mama, and staying cool!!!!!

  2. I can imagine how disquieting the incident must have been for you. Today will be a much better day. I hope your sciatica is getting better. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  3. It happened to me twice to see a dead body on the road, and in both instances the sight made me feel terrible for days.

    After having to deal with sciatica , you don't deserve to encounter traumatic happenings like that.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  4. Hey, I love your blog!!!! i awarded you a blog award!!!

  5. That is so sad. I once saw a dead body floating in the hudson river in New York while on vacation. It really is kind of freaky. I scoured the newspapers and the television for news of it but it was never mentioned. Makes you wonder what they were trying to hide.

  6. Oh, that poor man. And what a traumatic thing for you to see! I mean, and you're somewhat familiar...for the rest of us, we're talking nightmares.

    What a sad way to discover your loved one is gone...

  7. Hello ... I am writing to you because i believe this is my father.. i never knew him but i have a few pictures of him when I was small... i was goggling his name and this story came up... i am sad to know that he has passed away... i am atill unsure if this is the same guy that im talking about... do u know if he was salvadorean?


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