Friday, June 18, 2010

Fast Food Guilt!

It's been almost two months since Sciatica changed my life! But I'm fighting back and getting stronger every day.

Since the day I got Sciatica I have not set foot inside a fast food restaurant or any restaurant except Denny's for that matter. I'm not a big fast food fan anyway, and I've been bringing my lunch to work for almost two months. But today I wanted to declare my independence from Sciatica and I braved the lunch-time world and lunch-hour traffic to drive to Jack in the Box as I was really craving one of their Tacos!

During my absence from the real world Jack has come up with several new items on their I decided that to go with my two tacos for 99cents I would try Jacks Bacon Cheddar Fries.

I ordered everything to go and got into my car to drive back to the office and realized just how greasy fast food smells! Oh my gosh, it almost made me sick smelling all that greasiness!! I honestly was having pangs of guilt (instead of pangs of hunger) at the thought of eating this and the calories and the cholesterol and the carbs!!!!!

Luckily for me my office is very well ventilated and I can hardly smell the greasiness as I enjoy my tacos and fries (which aren't bad, by the way). But it's funny that 30 or so years ago I wouldn't have felt guilty for eating this type of food. When is the last time you had fast food? Or are you a regular user?


  1. Sciatica and its brother Lumbago are usually a sign that the person has to watch his/hers weight as the sciatic nerve and the lumbar nerve don't take body pressure too well. So, off with fast food, although we rather like it.

  2. When I am pregnant you can't keep me away from fast food. It is a once a month thing when we do get it:O) Like my favorite In and Out!!!!

  3. I agree....I CRAVE their tacos when I'm preggo!!! And since I am doing that quite often now, I could eat them anytime anywhere! Thanx for sharing :)

  4. Alicia, I say indulge yourself once a month and stay on the "good" diet the rest of the time. I would kill to have a Jack in the Box close by. Whenever we are in Cali, that is my first choice for fast food!! There is nothing close to it here in OH. Hope your sciatica is doing a little better for ya! Did you ever ask for those stronger meds?
    xo Sue


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