Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Iwanna Wednesday - Iwanna Spring to get here already!

This past weekend I worked on my front flower beds. These poor flower beds have been so neglected for the past two years their filled with grass and weeks. But this year I intend to do something about it.

So we weeded and turned over the dirt and I made a plan that what Iwanna do is put down rock or brick. Then on top of the rock or brick Iwanna put some big pots, like these. . .

This looks almost like what Iwanna, see the brick underneath? Iwanna fill the pots with seasonal plants and then in the winter fill them with artificial flowers so I have color all year round.

I'm not sure Iwanna them this close together though because what today's Iwanna post is about is about decorative little statues to display between the pots. Let me show you when I've found and you tell me what you think.

First I love this one. This one probably wouldn't work with the brick, but maybe with the rock if I piled the rock just right? But then the poor little guy might not be as comfortable as he seems to me in all this lovely greenery.

I think having decorative stepping stones between the pots might be nice too. Something like this fairy stepping stone.

I think you're all going to love this one best. I really like it alot as well. The Mama Hen and her Baby Chicks are so sweet. I wonder if these would get stolen from my front yard? Not that I live in a bad neighborhood, but still...those things happen.

I'm debating on whether I would want this one in my garden or in my kitchen or maybe on my desk at work? I do love gnomes though don't you?

Now this one is just stinking cute! Iwanna this one for sure, if I can find it. I especially love the butterfly on top...I'm kind of a butterfly girl. This one is probably my favorite.

I'm not a big Frog fan although I had a dear friend that was nuts about them and had millions everywhere! But what I like about this one is the See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil. Great message, don't  you think?

Ok, these next two are just for fun...but I just couldn't resist. I really like this one. Would I like it in my garden? Hmmm, maybe in the back, but definitely not in the front...although it might keep solicitors away right?

And this one is just too funny and unique for words...a bed in the flowers. A flower bed...get it? Of course you do, you're such a smart bunch.

Well that's it. I'm hoping to look around at more ideas this weekend and once I have my flower bed finished you can be sure I will post pictures.

I don't know when that will be as it rained again today and we expect rain at the end of the week. But we need the rain in this valley, so we really shouldn't complain.

Which one do you like best? Do you have a garden statue? An Angel maybe or some deer? Some hot pink Flamingos? What would you recommend?


  1. I think those "coming out of the grass" statues are so cool. That little sleeping gnome/angel is adorable :)

  2. Go for the frogs! the frog belongs to gardens and there's a great variety of frog little statues .

  3. Oh you would just love my neighbors yard! She is very whimsical just like this. Last year I did several posts on her garden. It is so much fun to visit.

    I just love the little guy in the greenery. What an unexpected surprise that would be to come upon.

  4. I love the Gnome!!! And the Angel is to sweet! I know I want spring to be here so soon too 8)

  5. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE clay pots. They look wonnnnnnnderful with red geraniums in them.

    I think my favorite is the fairy, but they're all cute. The guy climbing out of the ground might be fun for Halloween. :-)

    Keep us posted!

  6. Oh my God....I just LOVE your posts! They ALWAYS make me smile and I just adore the things you find to show us!

    Well. The guy coming out of the ground is freakin' bizarre and hilarious all at the same time.

    And the flower bed? Is freakin' genius! THAT'S one that's right up my alley.

    I love all of them...I truly do. Your garden is gonna be fabulous...and I can't wait to see it!

  7. You have a wonderful blog! I enjoyed reading your postings. My favorite statue is definitely the "flower bed"
    That's so cute!!
    I enjoyed looking around, stop by sometime!

  8. OMG YOU ARE JUST SO WRONG!!! A Zombie... Really..A Zombie. You are just Wrong...Wrong Wrong....Evil to the core. Now I probably won't sleep for 2 years... You are on Guero's bad list, He said he is mad at you cuz now I am going to keep him awake. Wrong Wrong Wrong LOL

  9. Anny - I didn't even notice the gnome was also an angel until I read your comment. Good Eye! Thanks.

  10. DUTA - You are so right my friend, frogs would probably be the easiest thing to find. Thanks for the suggestion!

  11. Rebecca - I'm on my way to your blog to check out the posts you did on your neighbors yard. I definitely need to do something before people start blogging about how UGLY my yard is :-)

  12. Braley Mama - I'm with you, definitely ready for spring. It's actually supposed to rain again starting tomorrow. Seems like it always waits for the weekend! Hope you're all feeling better.

  13. Jo - Red Geraniums...hmmmm, great idea. Those were my paternal grandmothers favorite flower. They would look great in clay pots. I'll definitely be posting pictures because you all are so sweet and really build my confidence!

  14. Kathryn - Awwww shucks! Thanks for the kind words. Yep that zombie is pretty scary. As Jo right above you said he'd be great at Halloween.

  15. -*-Megan=*-
    Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed my blog and thanks so much for becoming a follower. Right after I visit Rebecca to look at her neighbors garden I'm over to visit you.

  16. Lisa - Ladies and Gentlemen, my sister Lisa speaks...lol.

    I'm sorry, but it's so you! Just take a Tylenol PM and you'll be fine.

    Guero read my blog? Wow...I'm honored.

  17. Iwanna great garden too. Do uwanna help me weed? LOL

  18. Stine in Ontario - Yeah right girlfriend...lol. You have no idea how much I dislike yardwork, that's why Iwanna cover up my flowerbeds with brick or rock.

  19. There are some really cute,. great, and unusual garden decor there!!
    Love the chickens, and the fairy best.


    barbara jean


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