Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Iwanna Wednesday - Dove Bowl

I have a lot of favorite blogs in blogland as you can tell from my blog roll over there on the left in the sidebar. They range in interests from photography to thrift store shopping, from cooking to crocheting. The other day I visited Ma Maison. I had to go and visit because the title of one of Tammy's blog posts attracted my eye. The title was Strawberry Lemoncillo Martini.  I love Martini's, nuf said.

Right away I fell in love with the dove bowl she was using as a centerpiece. See it here. Really....go see it, I'll wait patiently

Ok, lets get back to this gorgeous bowl that was featured on Ma Maison. Wasn't it beautiful, stunning, fabulous? I sure thought so. I thought to myself, "Self...Iwanna one of those!" And an Iwanna post was born.

Now I've had a few new followers in the past couple of weeks since I've done an Iwanna Wednesday post, so let me bring everyone up to speed on what Iwanna Wednesday is. Those of you that know already, go grab a cup of coffee, a diet Pepsi, a cookie...anything you please, you have my permission. (And bring me one!)

Ok, for those of your remaining for this portion of the tour...I love shopping! Whether it's window shopping, online shopping, actually plopping down some cash shopping...I LOVE SHOPPING. Shopping comes easy to me cause I find joy in almost anything. I can go into any store or restaurant or even someone's home and say, "Oh, I want one of those!" I do that so often that my sister started calling me "Iwanna", cause Iwanna everything.

That's where blogging really helps, because I can Iwanna random objects and blog about them and show you pictures and usually you all respond back with Iwanna items and ideas of your own...which makes it even more fun.

And that's what Iwanna Wednesday is all about. So what Iwanna this week is that Dove Bowl. 

First off, I googled Dove Bowls and I found this one. Not what I was looking for, but still lovely don't you think?

I didn't find anything else that looked like a Dove Bowl, so I googled Unique bowls. And I found some unique bowls, not a dove bowl, but still unique.

Let's start with this cute as a button red bowl. You can store your candy or whatever in the smile and then leave the wrapper in the bowl on the top. You can use this for nuts and leave the shell on the top as well.
I also found this totally unique, totally gorgeous bowl. I love this one for Salsa, maybe some Pico de Gallo? And when you finish instead of having just a dirty bowl you have a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Well the bowl would still be dirty, but ...well you know what I mean.
And still another unique bowl, these fluted ones.Wouldn't these be great with popcorn or chips?

But still no dove bowl so I googled "bowls with animals", and I found this one . . .a Bambi Bowl. Not quite what I was looking for and I don't think I could eat out of this one with a deer sitting smack dab in the middle, could you? Although it would be fun to eat Cheerios and place the little Cheerio rings on her little ears.
I guess google has a sense of humor cause it gave me a bowl for animals. This is pretty darn cute though, for those of you with cats. He kind of looks like Felix the Cat but not black and white. Am I dating myself here? Anyone else remember Felix the Cat?

And I was lucky enough to find this bowl...a Tibetan Singing Bowl! I had never heard of them so I went to and found several videos that shows just how these bowls sing. Some of them were very pleasant and soothing, some kind of hurt my ears. But go and look and see if you like them. I would like to own one, cause that's an Iwanna thing right?

So I was very sad to not find a Dove Bowl and then I went back to Ma Maison to lust after her's and sigh deeply and then I noticed she had this little item:

If anyone is interested in purchasing one of the dove bowls, it's Item # 719403 by They are a wholesaler, but you can call Bill at Le Marche at 757-625-1211 to order one.

So actually if I had bothered to read her whole post before running off and letting my fingers do the shopping I could have saved a lot of time, but then again...I wouldn't have had this Iwanna post for you right?

So which bowl is your favorite? I think mine is the singing bowl.
Happy Iwanna Wednesday!


  1. I love the reindeer one then the red one, they are all lovely

  2. I'd say you hit the jack pot of unusual bowls! I kinda like that cat with the tall skinny tail between two bowls one!

  3. My favorite is the red bowl. It's kind of contemporary and I like having a place to put the wrappers.

    What's the deal with Bambi? What's that drap-y stuff??

  4. Jeanette - That's a reindeer? I thought he was just a regular deer. I guess that bowl would be perfect to leave a snack for Santa at Christmas then right?

  5. Keetha Broyles - I love that one too. They have it in many different colors, but I don't think my daughters little puppy Chorizo would like a cat bowl and they didn't have any puppy ones.

  6. Kathryn - I know right? What is the drapey stuff? Weird thing is they also had the same bowl only with a snail in it and a rhino and I think a hippo. I'm just saying.

  7. I love the bambi bowl!!!!!!!
    That blog you linked to is super cute.I love her home and that bowl is very cool!

  8. I love this bowl too...Wow! all that searching and there it was right in front of your eyes. Hey, don't feel bad, I would have done the. same. exact. thing....

    I purchased a Tibetian Singing bowl at a yard sale for...$1.00! Yep. I found out these sell for a lot, lot more. My son loved it so much that it has been in his room for several years now. He use to get it out to ward off the "monsters and evils" that might be lurking in his room. How cute is that????

  9. Braley Mama - Your girls would love that Bambi bowl wouldn't they? I bet they would eat almost anything as long as your served it in the Bambi bowl :-)

  10. Audra - I would love to find a singing bowl. I thought that was sooooo awesome! You're so lucky. I bet the person that was selling it just didn't even know what a treasure he had!

    You should video tape your son making it sing and do a post about it!

  11. Love your salsa bowl. It reminds me of some things I have from Italy.


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