Thursday, March 11, 2010

Great way to end a Thursday!

Every once in a while, either I or my sister Lisa will have a rough day and we'll send a text to the other that simply says...It's a Margarita day!

Instantly we know that means it's a rough day for one of us and we need to get together and talk. Today was a Margarita day for both of us!

So I received that text,'s a Margarita Day and I responded with I hear ya my sista.

So we met, we talked, we ate and we shared...and some how it turned into a great day.
Love you My Sista!


  1. Lisa, Alicia, and.. Margarita. Three beautiful feminine names , only the last one isn't a female but a cocktail to help the other two end a rough day. Seems like a very nice interaction.

  2. Alicia, how blessed you are to have a sister like that. OH! And how blessed your sister is to have you!

  3. So, you met, you talked, you ate, you shared? Can I assume you DRANK as well? You neglected to mention that one. Yummy.

    (You can "delete forever" those stupid, blue, foreign smam-linkie-thingies, ya on the trashcan? And say "delete forever"??)
    There's a tremendous amount of satisfaction in that, I find!

    Just goes to show that the word verification does NOT stop 'em from posting!

  4. DUTA - You betcha! It was nice and a great way to unwind. You would not believe that my mom named my sister Doraeliza and my name is Noralicia. I guess we should go by the names Dora and Nora, but Eliza (Lisa) and Alicia are just as similar.

  5. Stine in Ontario - Well of course I think she's the blessed I know just how blessed we are.

  6. kathryn - Wow, deleting forever is almost as satisfying as a Margarita! Thanks for the tip.

  7. Just goes to show that the word verification does NOT stop 'em from posting!
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