Thursday, March 18, 2010

Can you hear me now? Hello? Hello?

Cell Phones, we all have them and they come in many shapes, sizes and offer many different conveniences.
We have Smart Phones now, Android Phones, Texting Phones, IPhones and Blackberries.
Phones can now lead the way with GPS applications so you can find your way anywhere. You can find restaurants, you can buy tickets to movies and concerts with your phone. You can calculate a tip, take a photo, send a photo, check your email, tweet someone, keep track of your kids. You can vote for the next American Idol, you can donate money to Haiti or Chile. You can play games, watch videos, surf the web. You can update your status on FaceBook or MySpace or any of the other popular social networking sites. You can use your phone in place of a cigarette lighter in concerts or as a very dim flashlight to guide you down a dark hallway at night or to light your car door so you know where the key goes.

You can do all those things and more with cell phones, but you know what you can't do? You can't make a decent phone call! There's no reception, you can't drive through an almond orchard without dropping the call. You can't make a call on a cloudy day because for some reason when it's overcast you can't get any reception.

I wish they had just left a cell phone a cell phone and put all their imagination and money and time into building a better phone....for phone CALLS.

I'm just saying......................


  1. Well, you know this is a really good point! Knowing you like thrift stores, you might like my thrifty finds on my blog today. :)

  2. Funny post, Alicia! I find cell phones mostly annoying. People use them far too much in public places. People were rude enough BEFORE cell phones.

    OK, I'm climbing down off my soap box and backing away. Please do NOT throw any tomatoes. :)

  3. smart are you??

    Obviously, the cell phone companies knew they couldn't do any better with reception and that's why they gave us all the freakin' gadgets!


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