Saturday, October 18, 2008

Things you see in the course of the Day

Do you ever just see something in the course of living everyday life and just say, "What the heck?" Well that happened to me and Lisa yesterday when we were commuting home on Hwy 99. We saw this:

"What the heck?" Just rolling along on the freeway is this guy in a truck with a trailer that was pulling these two deers. I don't know if they're plastic or cast iron or what, but why would you have these? What would they be used for? Heck if I know, but is was kinda cool to see.
The next 3 pictures I took with my camera during my lunch hour when Lisa and I were in a parking lot eating our sack lunch since it was a nice day. She noticed the tree coming out of the building and kinda blending in with the mirrored reflection on the building. These are awesome aren't they? She's so observant!

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