Sunday, October 5, 2008

Candy Fanatic or Not?

I'm not really big on sweets. I do have my favorites, but give me Chips and Salsa every time instead and I'm a happy camper! But I do come from a family of candy lovers. I believe all my nieces and nephews love, love, love CANDY. I know my own kids would rather have candy than Chips and Salsa and my mom absolutely loves chocolate.

So for all you candy lovers out there I've found a great blog for you. It offers documented reviews of candy from around the world. You can find the link here and of course it's on my links listed in the right hand panel. Go see if your fav candy is listed. They also have a rating system and were not very generous in rating one of my fav candies, Red Vines, darn them!

A few interesting facts:
  • The brand of candy that has the most listings on this website is Hershey's with 133 different types of candies. Next is Nestle's with 88.

  • The U.S has listed 598 different varieties, with Japan being runner-up with 69 (What does that say about Americans?)

  • The Ukraine, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Kenya and Peru all have only one listing. I don't think that means they only have one type of candy, but probably the reviewers have only gotten to sample one type from those countries.

  • Mexico has 21. I know here in California, candies from Mexico are greatly loved. I went through the Mexico ones and I didn't see any of the ones that we can find in local "carnicerias" here in California.

Stay tuned for posts in the future about:

  • Mexican candies we know and love.
  • Mexican "dichos" or "sayings" we grew up with
  • Mexican songs and lullabies
  • Mexican holiday traditions

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