Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jim's 23rd Birthday, August 19

Next in the birthday line is my son Jim who turned 23 this year. Here are some random pictures of his birthday.

Fred lighting the candles. Jim has helpers, Little Fred and Melissa.

I love the look on Jim and Little Fred's faces. I don't remember what was being said but Melissa was obviously distracted!

Make a wish Jim!

Yay! He can still blow out the candles. He's not really only 5 years old, but we didn't want the smoke alarms going

And tradition dictates each baby in the family gets to blow out the candles again...lucky Melissa!

Showing off a birthday present from his Aunt "Nina" Lisa. She bought him a pair of shoes. Jim loved them and he's pretty picky when it comes to shoes!

Thank you Nina!

Jim and his beloved Nana! Happy 23rd Birthday Jim!

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