Sunday, January 10, 2021

Live - Laugh - and Love

 I was just getting ready to start a post about Christmas being over and my day yesterday spent putting everything away.

I have the TV on watching the Baltimore Ravens play the Tennessee Titans, yes...I am a hardcore NFL football fan.

A Progressive commercial came on. I love these new commercials with Dr. Rick. No offense to Flo, but I'm a bit tired of her.

This is the commercial I just saw. What caught my ear was the beginning when he says we don't need a sign that says Live, Laugh, Love to Live, Laugh, Love. I beg to differ! I need that sign, I have that sign, I love that sign!

I'm a huge believer in the written word. If I see something in writing, it sticks in my head, especially inspirational words, quotes, sayings. When I wake up in the morning I see the words, Live Laugh Love and it's a reminder that I've been given another day to do just that. Sometimes of course, like anyone else I, Waste Growl and Dislike, but I always have the next day to do better.

I also have another sign over the door heading out of my bedroom that says "It's a Wonderful Life"...many, many times I need that reminder, especially during these dark days of Covid. 

I have to see things in writing for them to stick in my head. So with all due respect to Dr. Rick, I will keep my Live, Laugh and Love sign!

So yesterday I put away the Christmas Tree and all the decorations. Since I was already in the shed where I store all my decorations, I went ahead and took out my Valentine's Day decor and got that all set up.

Yesterday was the first day of the NFL playoffs so I watched football while I did all this. Then as usually happens, I nodded off briefly and took a quick cat nap on the couch. Aren't those the best naps? The unexpected ones on the couch? I woke up so refreshed that I made a big pot of soup and some homemade flour tortillas! 

The last time that I had made them was in November of 2008 and I did blog about it, see that post HERE. If you want to make them, I share the recipe and the how-to. Wow, I just went back to review that post and I even did a video! 

This was in my previous home, I loved that house, I loved the kitchen in that house, the old-school green tile and the sink that sat in a corner. I miss that house!

I can see that the ones I made back in 2008 were a lot better than the ones I made yesterday, well they looked prettier anyway.

Back to watching football and working on coloring in a Mandala I drew Friday. 


  1. I'm also a believer in the written word, Alicia, and I too enjoy an unexpected nap, and a bowl of soup. Little, great pleasures!

  2. Ok, don't take any offense, but my daughters and I cringe when we see those three words together. Mostly because a few people in our life that say it, use it as a mantra almost are some of the pettiest people we know-true "let me see your manager" type women, and I think the expression has become associated with that vibe, which is why the commercial grabbed it for funny I think. To each of us our own though.

    1. I can just imagine the person you are talking about. Hey, no worries about taking offense, we are each and all different and are affected by our environment. For instance I hate when people say "Sorry...not Sorry". What is the point, if you are sorry, say sorry, if you are not sorry, say not sorry!

  3. I like to say affirmations to myself, almost like a meditation. Seeing good words, or saying them, makes us feel right inside, and that is the main thing! Your tortillas look good! Your mandala is beautiful! Hope the game was excellent! Big Hugs!

  4. I have never made tortillas - they are better homemade yes?


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