Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Finally....some Rain!!!

Here's a view from my office window. You would think "So? What's the big deal, looks like a normal view for an office."

What you don't know is that I have not seen a blue sky for several weeks now. What I'm used to seeing is this!

Photo Credit - 23ABC News

Bad Air quality! I swear that is not an exaggeration, that is what our air has looked like for probably longer than 3 weeks! There were several days when I was driving home at 4:30 pm and it looked like 9 pm! This air quality causes all kinds of respiratory illnesses in people with sensitive lungs and even those without!

My sister Lisa and my coworker Angie all suffer horribly from allergies, sneezing and coughing and sinus headaches and just a general feeling of exhaustion.

My mom is currently back on oxygen after suffering pneumonia, there is just no way that she can even go outside with pollution like this! 

But this morning we woke up to pouring rain. It caused chaos on the city streets and highways but now I can see blue skies. I am thrilled!


  1. Yes, I've read about the fires in California and I often found myself thinking about you. You should all thank God for His mercy.
    I love the little rhyming poem. Rain - it cleans the heart, the streets, the world. It is vital to our life.
    Hope your Mom gets well soon.

    1. Thank you DUTA. We were actually not in danger of the fires here where I live, but the smoke was another matter and it settled in our valley. Now the tragedy is that in the burned areas there has been a significant amount of rainfall prompting mudslides and I believe there have been 18 deaths. Horribly sad.

      That is a beautiful little poem, I really liked it as well. Mom is getting stronger everyday. She's 82 and at times seems so fragile it terrifies me that she won't pull through but then she starts getting better and she's so strong that I think "she can live forever!" I just want her to be healthy enough to enjoy her life and independence. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Oh, that's awful! I've lived in the midwest most of my life, Iowa and Illinois and not in big cities so it's never been a problem. I live in AR now and it is great air quality...no jobs but great air! LOL! I am retired so the job part doesn't bother me. Our skies look like that in the morning but it is fog not smog. You all have had quite a year with fires, and now smog and mudslides....pretty scary! Take care!

    1. Hi Sam. Yes it does resemble smog, the only way we know it isn't is that it doesn't dissipate when the sun comes out. But yesterday it rained most of the day and today it looks as though it will again. Yep, mother nature has not been kind to California of late!

  3. We have heard and seen the news about California in the UK but seeing this post, your comments and this sentence "Yep, mother nature has not been kind to California of late!" seemed to bring it closer somehow!
    The weather worldwide seems out of kilter at times.

    I send my good wishes and hope that things are improving every day for you all.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you Jan, I appreciate the good wishes, we definitely need them. First the drought, then the fires, now the bad air quality and if we don't start getting some rain and snow pack in the mountains I'm afraid we'll be back to living with drought restrictions again.


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