Sunday, August 7, 2016

Why Art is Addictive and my New Obsession

I mentioned in a previous blog post I wrote on July 2nd that I was taking an art class and I posted this picture...

Can you believe that with a little perseverance and practise and time and the diligent instruction from my Art Teacher Marcelo that I was able to display this as my final Art Project at our end of class Art Reception?

I have to say I'm pretty damned proud of myself! This is my adaptation of a painting posted by a childhood friend of mine on Facebook who had visited the Hilbert Museum in Orange. Here's a photo of his of the actual painting and a short blurb about the artist Emil Kosa Jr. Thanks Jim Bronson for the inspiration!

I also displayed another drawing of bees that I did. This is probably my favorite of all the sketches that I did and the one I enjoyed the most while doing it. I just really loved them and they were so easy to draw.

I so enjoyed this class and was sad to see it end, but we can look forward to a Beginning Painting Class in September. In another post I'll share some of the art work of my fellow classmates and a special class project that we did.


  1. Well done, Alicia! You really have to continue with this - what a great outlet you have with this talent!
    I like the bees too.

  2. Pondside - Thank you! That is so sweet! I am really enjoying it and currently working on sketching a Dahlia that I grew in my garden last year and took a photo of. It's much more challenging than the ballerina..who knew flowers are so hard to do, and especially Dahlias! Stay tuned and if it comes out halfway decently I'll post it.

  3. Indeed, you have every reason to be proud of yourself and your art projects.
    How amazing that you've suddenly discovered your talent for drawing! You should go on with developing it. In a short time you'll probably be exposing your works at an art exhibition.

  4. DUTA - Thank you! Unfortunately as I've said before, I'm a Jack of All Trades, Master of None...or perhaps Mistress of none? I can cook, but not well enough to be a chef. I can write, but not well enough to author a book, I can dance, but not well enough to be on Dancing with the Stars, and now I can draw but alas...never enough to have my work displayed at an exhibition.

    Now perhaps if I just narrowed down my list of activities and stuck with only one I could master that one, but I think I prefer being a Jack of All Trades and just moving around like a busy little bee!


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