Sunday, November 1, 2015

Our Halloween and October in a Nutshell

Well today is the 1st day of November and October was a blur! Not sure why starting in October the day's just fly by!

But it was a great month. The weather is finally feeling a little bit fallish, even though today is back to 82 and sunny.

We had some great times this month. We had Baby J all to ourselves one Saturday so we took her for a walk in the neighborhood! She loves to walk the dogs, even though you can tell in this picture that Chorizo is not too sure about Baby J walking her!

We also were lucky in finding my cousin Art outside cleaning out his Koi Pond. Baby J loves the beautiful fish and I thought she would be scared of them but she had no problem petting them! Child has no fear! You can see that her grandmother who Baby J calls Nini is full of fear, fear of Baby J falling into the pond! See her grabbing the back of J's shirt? 

After our walk we headed to the Little Bear Pumpkin Patch. There is nothing like seeing the holidays through the eyes of a little one! She loved it and we loved watching her!

Baby J and I in a pumpkin cutout!

Baby J and I and my mom. Baby J is my moms only great granddaughter.

Baby J and her Nini at the Pumpkin Patch!

Then last night of course was Halloween and Baby J came trick or treating to our house. The funny thing is she tried to give us her candy, silly baby! She looked adorable as Minnie Mouse and she loved Chorizo's costume, a big red lobster!

And now we're in November. Thanksgiving, changing of the leaves, football and hopefully more Baby J awaits!



  1. The photo with the pumpkin is awsome! Baby J. looks adorable in all the pictures.
    I see you all wear jeans tops. I'm probably the only person on the planet that keeps away from this fabric. No particular reason. I do like the color though; it becomes everyone, and I think Fall is the perfect season for wearing jeans items.

    1. Hi DUTA, yes, I'm on the lookout for a jeans jacket like Mom, Lisa and Baby J have. I only had the vest but it still blended well. I love jean pants but not big on jean jackets because they make me feel bulky, but since I've lost weight maybe I can find one that I like.

      We had a great time and that Baby J is a character. She has so much energy! I just want to bottle it and take a little sip once in a while so I can be more like her...ahhh youth :)

  2. All the good looking women in Kern County! Baby J is adorable as always. It sounds like you had a great October.

    1. Thanks Sextant, we did have a great time and it was a good month. Now we have Thanksgiving to look forward to! Thanks for stopping by, always a pleasure :)


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