Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How We Celebrate A Birthday!

Today is my son James birthday, Happy Birthday Son!

Since his birthday fell on a Wednesday we decided to celebrate a little early and he and I took a day trip to Santa Barbara, California on Saturday, to try to escape the heat of the valley. It was supposed to be over 100 degrees! Santa Barbara was around 83 but I still managed to get sunburned!

Santa Barbara is very close to us, only around 2 1/2 to 3 hours away. The drive is very pretty and traffic was minimal this time around but sometimes it does get a little bumper to bumper in spots. 

Our destination was Stearns Wharf. There's great parking there at $2 an hour and it's centrally located. The best part about walking around in a beach town like this is watching the people, that's always entertaining. I forgot to take pictures of this one man that has claimed his little spot on the beach and he does sand art for donations. 

We walked on the pier and I was able to talk him into taking a selfie with me. He is so much taller than I am! It's hard to believe that I made that human being! Last year I wrote about how he tried to come into the world butt first so I had to have a C-Section, you can read that post here

By the time we finished looking around the pier and people watching it was time to head to find someplace to eat. My favorite place in Santa Barbara is State Street. There are tons of shops and little bars and coffee houses and restaurants. I love to go to the Sandbar Restaurant and have a margarita and some chips and salsa, but since it was the birthday boys choice he wanted to go to Joe's!

Joe's Cafe is a very popular restaurant and bar in Santa Barbara since 1928. I had never been there but enjoyed my visit very much. It was very clean and the food and service was great!

I was also able to stick with my LCHF (low carb, high fat) WOE (way of eating). Instead of having a sugary margarita, I had a glass of Ruffino Prosecco which was only 3 carbs! Oh and not to take away from this being my son's day but I am now 10 pounds lighter!!

There were so many great choices. I decided to have the BLTA, which is a Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Avocado salad, with ranch dressing. It was delicious and plenty of bacon! I estimated my whole lunch with my drink was about 13 carbs. It was a bit of a splurge but it was a special day and a special meal.

James had their BBQ Pulled Pork topped with Cole Slaw on a fresh baked roll. I admit here and now that I took a bite of the BBQ pork, just the pork, not the bread! I couldn't resist, but I didn't touch the fries! It was so delicious. I'm sure the BBQ was carby because of the molasses or honey or sugar they use. It could have used more coleslaw but that would be my only suggestion.

After that great meal we walked around looking in the little shops along the way. We didn't buy much, to me Santa Barbara is a little pricey but it was fun to wander and watch the people.

We finally headed back to the car and I had promised my sister I would find the Ablitt House and take some pictures, so Lisa...this is for you, we will have to go on a day when they do the tours.

We had a very nice day and it had been a long time since my son and I had taken a car trip together. So Happy Birthday son and I love you to the Moon and back!



  1. Very nice, happy birthday to your boy and happy anniversary to you for becoming his mom! My son turned 25 on August 1 and we celebrated with his girlfriend throwing him a surprise party. It was fun. Love Santa Barbara, haven't been in years, need to get back there. We usually eat in Goleta, but I enjoy wondering around Santa Barbara itself.

    1. Thanks Heidi! We had a good time. I love Santa Barbara as well, I just wish it had been cooler. When you live in Bakersfield you look forward to going to the coast and wearing a sweat shirt and enjoying cool weather, it was almost just as hot as Bakersfield!

  2. Happy belated birthday to your son!
    Good you didn't touch the fries. Judging by the picture, they were oily and looked scarcely eatable.

    1. Thank you DUTA. Even my son didn't eat many of them, but he sure enjoyed that sandwich. My salad was perfection!


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