Thursday, August 6, 2015

National Root Beer Float Day - Low Carb Root Beer Float

I love Root Beer Floats! Who doesn't right? 

But the ice cream, the root beer...those carbs add up! Here's the nutrition info on a real root beer float made with vanilla ice cream and regular A & W Root Beer.

See the carbs? 77.6!! You then subtract the fiber to end up with net carbs of 76.6! Yikes...that is almost 4 days worth of carbs when you are trying to limit yourself to only 20.

But I have to celebrate National Root Beer Day, after all I celebrated National Tequila Day and National Margarita Day! I can't discriminate! We live in the age of political correctness.

I remembered seeing a recipe for a low carb Root Beer so I googled and I found it on Low Carb Slow Carbs website. And I had all the ingredients so I was good to go!

First I whipped up 1 cup of Heavy Whipping Cream using my electric hand mixer. After about 30 seconds I added 1 teaspoon of Vanilla Extract and 1 tablespoon of granulated Splenda. Then I continued whipping/beating until it was set.

See how thick and creamy it is? All ready for some ice cold A & W Diet Root Beer!

I don't really have any clear see-thru glass glasses. My mom is on blood thinners so rather than have her cut her hand on broken glasses we only have plastic glasses, but my friend Lupe gave me this beautiful glass mug on a girls camping trip a few months ago, and it was perfect for a root beer float.

I added about a cup of the heavy whipped cream which you can see in the cup.

Then I slowly added the diet root beer. Check that out! Doesn't it look exactly like a root beer float? It actually tasted delicious too!

When I make this again I will add crushed ice!

And here is the carb count for my low carb root beer float. 4 Carbs....FOUR! What a difference right?

So I'm going to go and enjoy my float and read my book. Happy National Root Beer Float Day!


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