Sunday, August 2, 2015

July was a Great Month!

July is my birthday month and this year it was an especially fun month, even though it has been dreadfully hot and humid!

For my birthday, my sister and our friend Lupe planned a day trip to Monterrey, California. We left home early, around 7 am and arrived right around noon. First thing we did was something that has almost become a tradition for the three of us. We hit Ross Dress for Less. We love to shop at Ross!

After that we headed for Fisherman's Wharf where we took a ride on a glass bottom boat. Unfortunately due to the algae in the ocean we couldn't see anything but green and every once in a while some seaweed. 

But we were able to see some pretty cool harbor seals just lounging around sunning themselves on rocks.

We had a great dinner at El Torito Restaurant. I had bacon wrapped shrimp and Lisa and Lupe both had Vegetarian Fajitas.

Then the highlight of the trip for me, the 17 mile drive.

17-Mile Drive is widely recognized as one of the most scenic drives in the world. The famous coastal landmark runs through Pacific Grove to Pebble Beach, from the dramatic Pacific coastline to the majestic Del Monte Forest. The awe-inspiring vistas and legendary sites can easily fill an entire day with exploration and discovery, although visitors with less time should not miss the opportunity to experience this wondrous journey as well.

This whole drive is so beautiful. Unfortunately we got there pretty late and it was almost sunset so we couldn't lolly-gaggle as much as I would have like too, but we still enjoyed it.

One of many stops along the way - 17 mile drive

Another stop - 17 mile drive, my sister Lisa and I

Me on the Beach - 17 mile drive

Magical Sunset - 17 mile drive

It was a great day and a long drive home but well worth it. Next time we go though we will definitely make it an over night trip and take our time on the 17 mile drive.

Then my dear friend and co-worker Angie provided a special treat she made just for me. Low Carb even!

She gave me a beautiful silver ring with a purple stone, she bought me Starbucks and she made a low -carb cheese cake with a beautiful strawberry design on top. This cheesecake even had a chocolate crust!. She also invited a lady that works next door that has become a good friend, Maria. It was a very special way to start my birthday, even though I chose to work that day (our employer give us our birthday off, I'm save it for something else).

Then last night we went to a surprise birthday party for my niece Sarena. She is my baby brothers oldest child and she turned 25. We got to dress in costume and had a lot of fun with family and we danced til we dropped!

Lisa and I with our niece Sarena

My sister Lisa, me and our brother Jaime with our mother
The today was a Baby J Sunday! Yay! Love this precious little girl and the older she gets the more fun and funny she is!

So July was a very good month for me! A very busy month. Not sure what August has in store as I don't have any plans but time will tell.



  1. Happy belated birthday!
    I particularly like the surprise party picture with you, your niece Sarena, and your sister Lisa

    1. Thank you DUTA! My niece Sarena is beautiful outside and in. She is in the program right now to become a nurse or a physicians assistant, not sure which. She has a heart of gold and was always there for my dad before he passed away. She would take him grocery shopping or to pay his bills. She's a great girl and it was a thrill to be able to spend this special day with her.

  2. Alicia, you look stunning in the photo on the 17 mile drive. The cheesecake was great and I need to make more to have on the side for cravings. You've been a busy bee with your birthday and the 70th party. July was a great month for you and I'm happy to see you happy. Well, back to the grind. Great post.

    1. Thank you! :) Just because of your kind compliment I made that picture my profile on Facebook!

      The cheesecake was great! Hey, anytime you want to make another I'll take some on the side! Let's hope something turns up for August. I'm finding if I just stay home I want to eat stuff I shouldn't eat!

      Thank you so much for the great birthday, you're a true blue friend!

    2. Aww! Thank you for sticking by me all these years. We have been through a lot together that you can't get rid of me. LOL!

    3. Nor would I want to! Best co-worker/friend ever!

  3. Beautiful scenery, in all manner of speaking. Monterey is a lovely town. Alas I don't think I ever did the 17 mile drive. I went through the Big Sur along PCH, but I don't recall of driving on the 17 Mile Drive. My loss. What a great trip, although that return drive was a hum dinger.

    It looks like you had a wonderful July. Great birthday parties.

    1. Well thank you! I love Monterey. I would love to live there, or at least have a summer home. You would have loved the 17 mile drive, beautiful homes, then there's Pebble Beach and the golf course...just gorgeous. Well you know, it's not too late!

      I've wanted to take that drive through Big Sur but everyone scares me away from it saying the roads are terrible, but someday soon I will attempt it. I don't fear driving much, other than on the Coronado Bridge in San Diego, I cannot make myself drive across that bridge. I get something akin to vertigo just thinking about it and I'm scared I'll have a fit of paralysis and drive into the ocean!


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