Sunday, September 28, 2014

Baby J Sunday! Hat and Fall in the Air!

I just finished reading the book Barracuda by Christos Tsiolkas. It's one of the September book selections for my online book club, From Left to Write. Without giving anything away I have to say that I really didn't enjoy reading this book. I should be working on a blog post for the book as it's due tomorrow, but unfortunately the book just wasn't my cup of tea and I still feel like I don't have a clue what the book was about.

So I will work on that post later, but for right now I want to share my Baby J Sunday, Sunday, Sunday photos! Let me start by saying that I didn't take too many today. Baby J was super fast today. She's a hard one to pin down. You aim the camera at her and say "Baby J, say cheese!" She says "Cheese" and is off before you even have a chance to snap the photo!

My sister Lisa (Baby J's grandmother) had recently asked us to keep an eye out for hats for Baby J when we're on one of our Thrifting Treasure Hunts. Yesterday mom and I were out running errands and had a chance to stop at one Goodwill Store. We usually hit them all but darn it, we just ran out of time yesterday!

But we were in luck because there were tons of Halloween costumes at Goodwill and we found a beautiful little white hat with a furry trim and a white veil. We knew Baby J would love it and she did!

First photo is Baby J in her white hat, she did love it and wouldn't take it off. It makes my mom so happy to see Baby J enjoying the things she buys for her! Don't you adore that DIMPLE???? As usual we had breakfast and then Baby J dragged us outside to play with the dogs and her sidewalk chalk.

One thing that frightens her are loud noises, like big trucks that go by that have really loud motors! In the bottom left picture she had just come running up to me scared. You can see she looks a little shaken up, but she had beautiful hair going today. Love her curls!

Then it was time for Baby J to head home and you can see her kissing her great grandmother goodbye, wearing her pretty little hat. She has a special bond with her Nana and it brings joy to my heart to see my mom laughing at this little wonder.

That's it for Baby J Sunday this week, I hope next week I'm either a little bit faster or Baby J is a little bit slower. Have a great week!



  1. Baby J is a cutey. She looks like she is going to the Kentucky Derby or the Ascot. That will be great to show boy friends in the future.

    1. Oh yeah! Great! Thanks for the tip, I can blackmail her in later years :) She is a cutey! I didn't realize it but the red in the hat is to depict blood...I just thought it was great that it had my mom's favorite color in it. We didn't realize it until Lisa pointed it out later! But it was a Halloween hat, so I guess that was to be expected.


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