Sunday, September 21, 2014

A New Circus Member - Baby J Sunday!

I'm sitting here at my kitchen table on a day that FINALLY feels a little bit like Fall! I've even been inspired to sprinkle some cinnamon in my coffee so I feel toasty warm inside while I sit here in shorts and flip flops. C'mon Fall!!!

So I'm waiting...waiting for a new cast member to our family. A new monkey to our circus. I say that because my sister and I have a new motto that we love!

Not My Circus...Not My Monkeys!

It's an old Polish saying reminding us to deal with our own life and problems and don't get caught up in other peoples drama and craziness. A great reminder to all of us. We certainly have more than enough to do just rounding up and keeping our own monkeys in line!

We have a new little monkey in our life! I haven't introduced her before now and she will be two years old in I believe February. So without further ado I introduce to you Baby J!

My Grand Niece Baby J
Now you all know that I am too young to be a grandmother right? Luckily my younger sister Lisa is old enough to be a grandmother so when her son Sean had a baby girl, that made me a Great Aunt according to Merriam Websters definition.

You will all remember that our Ring Master, my dad passed away last year in July. He never had a chance to meet Baby J in person. But he did get to see many pictures of her and every time he did he would talk to that picture like she was right there with him.

Baby J, hopefully someday you will read this blog post and if you do I want you to know that your Tata knew you, he loved you, you were part of his circus and you will always have a special Angel in Heaven just for you!

I am just obsessed with taking pictures of this child because she is so darned photogenic! And she is so smart, she did everything before schedule, walking, talking, everything!

I am so lucky that I get to have my mom live with me. I consider myself even luckier because my wonderful nephew, daddy of Baby J wants to make sure that Baby J knows and remembers her great grandmother.

Baby J with her Daddy
So every Sunday morning he brings her over to spend most of the morning with us. We play with her, feed her daddy with a special breakfast and then we head outside to the backyard to play with the dogs, swim in the pool, play with sidewalk chalk, throw balls, run and just enjoy the blessing that is Baby J in our lives!

My mom is just smitten with this little girl. This is her only great grand baby. My sister has only boys and this is her first granddaughter. I don't have a grandchild, so I'm an honorary grandmother to this one.

Someday I know that Baby J's daddy may get a job where his hours change or since he just finished the police academy he may get a job where he has to live in another town and we may not get to spend every Sunday morning with this Angel, so I relish the opportunity to know her and I squeeze every bit of joy out of it. Every Sunday I will proclaim in this circus to be Baby J Sunday and I'll post pictures taken that day so I can keep a record for her of how much she means to our circus!



  1. What a wonderful post. You are an awesome writer. I believe you should write a book and if the book should be about our wonderful granddaughter...Best thing ever!

    1. That would be a book I would thoroughly enjoy writing and I would have lots of stories to tell. She is such a character and looks exactly like you did when you were a baby. She's a mini-you. The next one must look like me, tell your boys that! :)

  2. Wow what a little cutie! It must be hard to resist spoiling her rotten.

    I love the circus quote.

    1. It is hard to not spoil her, but she's really not a bad little girl. I've seen some kids throw tantrums at that age if you won't give her something but all you have to do is tell her no and she's ok with it and goes on to something else. The one thing she is is active! She does not sit for one second and she keeps us all on our toes!

      That is probably the best quote ever! I just love it because those few little words say so much! Thanks for stopping by and meeting my honorary granddaughter/grandniece.

  3. Judging by her outfits, she's going to develop a fine taste for fashion. Apparently, the camera loves her; so who knows, she might become a top model someday!

    1. DUTA, the funny thing is she loves clothes. Her mom trained her that way right from the beginning. She also loves those big hair bows and ribbons and leaves them on, not many children do that. My sister has 4 boys, she never had a little girl. She has 3 other grandsons, this is the only girl and she is having so much fun with such a girly girl.


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