Monday, November 26, 2012

Back to Work

This year I took a a couple of vacation days, the day before Thanksgiving and the following Monday, which is today. That made for a nice, long vacation. I had Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday off and I am so not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.

Wednesday I got up early and my mom and I went into the city (Bakersfield) and had a nice breakfast and hit a couple of Goodwill Stores. My mom and I love thrift store shopping! I was searching for Christmas decor but didn't find anything. After Goodwill-ing, we went grocery store shopping for Thanksgiving items, all the pie, stuffing and mashed potato fixings.

Once we got home and put everything away it was time to make the pies. We used to make the crust from scratch, but since frozen pie crusts have gotten so much better we use those, but we do make the pie filling from scratch...well from a can but that's from scratch for us!

Thursday of course was Thanksgiving and we spent the morning straightening up the house, getting the extra chairs all ready and making the stuffing and turkey, then the family arrived and we had a wonderful meal and enjoyed seeing each other all together again.

We barely remembered to take pictures. Here's my mom and standing next to her my sister Lisa and then sitting is me and my brother Fred and his youngest, Melissa, the baby in our family and isn't she beautiful!

I had to get a picture with just me and Melissa of course!

Here's a picture of my godson and Melissa's big brother, little Fred.

After everyone left I spent about two hours getting everything cleaned and put away in my kitchen. Friday was a relaxing morning and then we all met in Bakersfield again to celebrate Thanksgiving with my dad. We took dad to Golden Corral because he loves buffets. I had a great time having all my family together again and I know dad really enjoyed it.

Here's the only picture I managed to get. This is my dad and on the right is my son James and on the left is my sister's son Isaac, who also is my Godson! Can you believe that my dad is 6 foot and both his grandsons are taller and bigger than he is???

Saturday I had to go and get new tires put on my car. My son James, (in the picture above) went with me. We had a great time considering we had to wait for two hours at Big O Tires! We spent the time playing Monopoly on his cell phone and I won!!! Of course he helped me to win and when I was almost losing he bankrupted and gave me all his money and property. Wasn't that nice of him?

Sunday I went on STRIKE and said I was not doing anything the whole day...and I didn't. I just watched movies on NetFlix and played on the computer and watched TV and read my book and chillaxed all day. My daughter's little puppy Chorizo was as exhausted and I was and laid on the little bed we've set up for her in my bedroom. Doesn't she look comfortable?

So today, the whole world went back to work...but not me :)

I decided to spend the day putting up the Christmas Tree and decorating the inside of the house. This year I decided not to put the Martha Stewart ribbon and garland that I love, love, love. I decided to try something different. I don't like it! Not sure if I am going to do it over or just live with it as-is for this year, but it's just too plain! I do love that where I put the tree this year it's reflected in the mirror, double the lights and that!

So tomorrow it's back to the real world and for once I'm not really looking forward to going back. I had a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful time being off. Can't wait for Christmas and tamale making and Biscocho baking!

How are your holidays shaping up? All your shopping done? To tell the truth I haven't even started, so don't feel bad if you haven't either.



  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful TG and bonus days! Good, you deserve some good quality time! Christmas tree looks great and I bet I, being a Martha Stewart un-groupie, like it better with out the ribbon and garland. I think it looks great.

    We put up my mother-in-laws tree on Sunday, will probably get ours next weekend. I need it, starting to get the winter low light depression. The tree greatly alleviates that.

    1. Whatever your feelings about Martha, she has some awesome Christmas products. I bought four boxes of her ornaments about six years ago and they are still as shiny and pretty as the day I bought them. But thank you, it's growing on me even without the ribbon.

      I hope you have your tree up, definitely does help with SAD. It's gray and dreary here today but I love that, of course we only get gray and dreary about 5% of the year.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. A beautiful family and a beautiful Christmas tree. Great idea to put the tree in front of the mirror. Double the effet. I took off work Wed and Fri. It was hard coming back to work yesterday. laurie

    1. Thank me, it was just a fluke that I put the tree in front of the mirror, but it did work out nicely. Hope your week isn't too bad after having a few days off!

  3. Taking an extra two days off sounds like a tradition that you need to continue in future years. I hope this four day work week flies by for you!

    1. I think you are right Paula! I definitely think I will make it a tradition. My co-worker always takes off at Christmas because her daycare closes completely for a week at Christmas, so I will just make Thanksgiving my special time off.

      Thanks for swinging by!


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