Thursday, October 4, 2012

Anyone having problems with comments on blogger?

I have tried to reply to some of the comments left on my blog as I usually do. But when I click reply I get nothing! Won't let me post a comment, nothing. And I notice no comments on my most recent post, not that it's so interesting that everyone runs to read my blog, but I do have my faithful readers that comment whether the post was good or not. Thank you to those faithful ones, by the way. So anyone else having problems? Are you having problems commenting on my blog? If so, please shoot me an email at Thanks!


  1. Just testing, trying out a popup window to see if that solves my problem.

  2. Well, seems like it worked. Let me try commenting on previous posts. Has it occurred to anyone else that I'm simply talking to myself :)

  3. Alicia

    It seems to be working fine. I haven't had any more than the usual problems with Blogger. Goodreads on the other hand has been screwed up for a week. I lost a couple of private messages on it. If you send a PM on goodreads, copy the message into your clip board before hitting the send button.

  4. Thanks Sextant. I had to delete the function to embed the comments so you didn't get a separate popup box and change it so you do get a separate box *sigh*, not as pretty but at least I can get comments. Thanks for checking for me, appreciate it!


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