Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Day Without Technology

Today was terrifying! As close to a scary Halloween Day as you can imagine.

Picture this, Sicily 1949....oh wait, that's the beginning of a Sophia on The Golden Girls story.

Didn't you just love her? She was the best!

Ok, picture this, Bakersfield 2012, a fearless woman leaves her home. A normal day, like any other, navigating Highway 99 like a pro. Listening to Bob and Tom in the Morning radio show, laughing, rolling her eyes at their antics.

She gets to work, gathers up her purse, her lunch bag, her sweater and locates her office keys, makes sure her headlight are off and heads into the big, gray, two story office that has become her home away from home. She could travel down these hallways blindfolded and know exactly where she is just by the number of steps she takes, that's how well acquainted she is with where she spends the majority of her day.

She unlocks the office door and steps into darkness...a quick few steps to the left and there is the light switch, she turns the lights on and heads into her office. She places her stuff on the desk, turns on her computer and stares out the window while it boots up...not knowing, not aware of something that is about to turn her day into a nightmare!

She sits back down and realizes that it's 7:50am and her sister, who calls her every morning between 7:40 to 7:45 has not called her. Fear clutches in her heart! Did sister oversleep? Is it Saturday and sister didn't call because this is not a work day. Or maybe sister found someone more interesting to call, someone less judgemental and grumpy in the morning???

She grabs her purse to get her cell phone and the world comes crashing down around her head, she gets dizzy, she clutches her heart, she screams out "Oh my Gosh!!! I forgot my phone!!!"

She's never forgotten her phone before! The walls close in on her, what is she to do? How is she going to check in on facebook throughout the day? How is she going to retrieve those super important email jokes all day long? How is she going to play Words with Friends and WordFeud and UnBlock Me? How is she going to play with Talking Tom? How is she going to text with friends and family??? Could it be? Could this be A DAY WITHOUT TECHNOLOGY???

It was my friends, and it was hard! The longest day of my life. I'd be working away and think, "Oh, I gotta text my son and remind him to ask the lawn man for a quote to trim the trees" and I would reach for my phone, and it wasn't there. I would reach for my phone to check the temperature outside...and it wasn't there. I waited at lunch time for my ever dutiful sister to call me as she does daily and then I remembered I had no phone.

On the bright side...I got a lot of work done. I think the world was definitely more productive before Smart Phones!


  1. Alicia, this post is awesome. You had me laughing so hard. Forgetting the phone these days is like forgetting your purse. Panic attack is probably an understatement. I hope your sister forgives you for not answering her calls, haha.

  2. I used to forget my phone every now and again, not often actually, and it was like a day off. No bosses wanting status on something. Of course I couldn't do all that other stuff on my phone then or today either. It is just a phone.

    Well I am glad your survived the day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a functional phone day, don't forget to charge it.

  3. Oh how funny! Love the way you wrote this. And yes, I loved Sophia. Thanks for giving me a big smile this morning. We are way too attached to our technology. Have a good weekend. laurie

  4. Love it. So funny, wonderful use of words to detail the situation. Genius!

  5. Oh yes! Smart phones are the BIGGEST time I know from my own experience! I forgot mine one day and I had severe withdrawal!

  6. Yes I get you on this. I forgot my phone when I went shopping and had withdrawal. I tend to check my email at long red lights, and will call home when there is the slightest thing on my mind. It actually felt good after a bit, to be "free" of it, but, it is a wonderful help much of the time,


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