Thursday, February 9, 2012

Technical Difficulties, Birds in the Chimney, Buck through the Window

How is that for a title?
I've had a busy week and I've had more than one odd thing either happen to me or happen to someone I've known or been told about it happening to someone. I know, that sentence made no sense....sorry...let me explain.

Ok, so first the technical difficulties part. It didn't actually happen to me, this technical difficulty thing...but it affected me. Today, a client asked me to fax to him the application he needed to review and sign in order to renew his policy. He asked how many pages I would be faxing, and I said 15, so he says, "Ok, that's fine, but I need you to fax them one at a time other wise my fax machine won't print them properly." Ummm, what? What kind of person has a fax machine so antiquated or decrepit that you can only fax them one page at a time??? But, being the wonderful customer service person that I am and not one of those "it's not my job" kinda people, I did it. I faxed one page at a time. It took me over an hour, but I did it. *patting myself on the back*

Then yesterday I had to take a continuing education class. It was a day long class taught by an experienced instructor named Lynn. I've had the pleasure of taking classes from Lynn several times now. Lynn is a wonderful instructor as she interweaves interesting stories that help you to understand the topic she's teaching about.

Yesterday she was talking about insurance claims and what types of things are excluded and why. She told us this great story about a lovely little old man and his equally lovely wife who had a lovely little house and Mrs. Lovely would tell Mr. Lovely that she heard some type of noise in the chimney of their fireplace. Did you know that women and men hear different frequencies differently? Just a random fact explaining why it is that the man in your life can never hear the odd things you hear squeaking or buzzing around the house or in your car while you can!

So anyway, Mr. Lovely would just blow off Mrs. Lovely's complaints of noise as he heard nothing. Until one day when it was a tad chilly and Mr. Lovely decided he would open up the flue and light a fire. When he opened up the flue apparently there was a whole community of birds that had built nests in the fireplace chimney. Smart birds huh? They found a nice, dry, warm place to build their nest, out of the elements.

The birds were quite startled and were all aflutter. Some of them flew up out of the chimney then came back. Well you know what birds do when they see other birds doing something? Birds of a feather, flock other birds saw these birds flying into the chimney so they did so as well and all the birds had no where to go except down the chimney and into Mr. and Mrs. Lovely's living room!!!!

Now you've got all these frightened birds flying around the Lovely's living room trying to figure out how to get outta there! They're flying into windows, curtains, lamps, vases, plants and Mrs. Lovely's hair! Mr. Lovely grabs a broom and starts swatting and trying to shoo these birds out of the door which Mrs. Lovely has opened. Mrs. Lovely runs outside screaming and neighbors come to see what all he ruckus is about and they all go get their own brooms and try desperately to help Mr. Lovely shoo the birds away. Can you just picture this? I mean seriously??? Can you?

Eventually they get all the birds shooed away. The living room is a mess, bird feathers, bird poop and broken things everywhere! There was $15,000 in damages which they reported to their insurance company. Was this covered by their insurance policy? No...because their policy had an exclusion for bats, rats, birds, and vermin. Can you believe that? They had to pay for the damages out of pocket!

I used to work in a funeral home...and I have lots of stories about funeral and death too! I should dig some of those stories out of the trunks packed with mothballs and memories in my head.

But for now, let me share another story that Lynn told us about another claim. This next one is as sad and gruesome as it is interesting. So this client of Lynn's built a beautiful cabin in the mountains for himself and his wife. In the living room of this cabin was a beautiful big picture window, like this one, which looked out onto land owned by the Bureau of Land Management.

 This couple loved to sit and just gaze at the beautiful scenery. They enjoyed watching nature. Many times they would see deer and antelope and various other wild creatures.

One day a big, beautiful Buck catches his reflection in the big picture window. The sun must have touched the window just so and the Buck probably thought it was another Buck and charged at it, at himself, at the window.

You can imagine what happens next. The couple watches in horror as the Buck comes running at full speed towards the window...towards them. Then he leaps and crashes through the window. Somehow the shattering glass catches and cuts right through the Bucks Carotid Artery! Blood is flowing out of the animals neck.

The poor Buck is now terrified and hurt. It's running around their living room, blood spurting everywhere, crashing into their furniture, television, drapes. Knocking down pictures and vases and shelves filled with books and knick-knacks. And there is nothing they can do but protect themselves by staying out of the way until finally the poor animal, exhausted by the loss of blood falls and finishes bleeding to death.

I's a horrible story. Imagine if that happened to you? Your living room is ruined, blood and debris everywhere, plus there is a huge animal carcass there. Can you imagine the clean up involved? Would this be covered by your homeowners insurance policy? She didn't have an answer for us as when this happened she didn't keep abreast of it and didn't know how it was finally settled.

Oh...and the girl sitting next to me in this class whistled through her nose when she breathed! I know that doesn't seem like such a big deal, but remember earlier when I said that women hear things differently from men? Well if I were to be a Super Hero, my Super Power would be my Sense of Hearing...coming in as a close second would be my Super Powerful Sense of Smell! I guess I would either be a super hero or just a bat-eared bloodhound! Anyway, it drove me crazy and made it really difficult to concentrate, plus she spent the entire day texting away on her cell phone which was very distracting. There was a test after the I hope I passed it. Even if I didn't I came away with some pretty good stories for this post, don't you think?


  1. This is just to weird not to be 100% true.
    Like you, if my appearance reflected my super powers, I'd be a bat-eared bloodhound too!

    1. Pondside - Lol, can you just imagine a bat-eared bloodhound? That would be something to see :)

  2. I read someplace that women are far more sensitive in all their faculties with the exception of night vision. Men have better night vision.

    Interesting stories. If I had super powers it would be not to notice things or hear what my wife says. Typical male super powers. The Incredible Mush Head.

    1. Night vision? Hmmm, I wonder why it would be that men would have better night vision?

      You a mush head? Seriously...I don't think so :)

  3. Sounds like you had a long, long day! I can't imagine how frightened I'd be if a big buck was in my living room.

    Last year when my class did sound, we used an iphone app that had a sound that kids can hear and don't like and adults can't hear. The kids would turn it on and cover their ears and I didn't hear a thing.

    1. Paula,
      I think it would be terrifying and the worse thing would be to watch a magnificent animal like that die is such a gruesome and scary way and there is nothing you can really do about it.

      I think my son has that app on his iphone and I truly can't hear anything while he says he can. Odd :)

  4. Wow those are some very unique stories, but when they happen to you you just gotta pray they will be covered :O)
    I knew there was something to that whole women hearing things different then men. I always hear things and make Matt go check it out at night, he hates it :OP

    1. Braley Mama - Summur, You would be amazed to know what kind of things we really have no coverage for when it comes to insurance.

  5. Well, I've also got a "decrepit" faxmachine like that of your customer's. Fortunately, it's not much in use.

    The Buck story is impressive, so is the picture of the Buck. I'm looking forward to read some more stories based on real happenings in your career life.


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