Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Iwanna Wednesday, Toys for Tots, and a Giveaway!

Happy Iwanna Wednesday. Welcome to the day I get to want almost anything in the world. Before we get started Iwanna tell you about two things.

1. My Giveaway - Giving away a $65.00 gift certificate to CSN Stores. Ton's of great stuff at their 200+ stores so you have to go and enter. Click HERE to get the details and enter. Go on...go enter, I'll wait for ya!

Hi, welcome back...ok so next Iwanna tell you this:

2. Toys for Tot via Pier 1 Imports - Pier 1 Imports will donate $1 to Toys for Tots for every new fan on facebook...so go and become a fan of Pier 1 Imports, just click HERE to get there. And I got nothing to do right now, so go and become a fan...again, I'll wait for ya!

All done? Now don't you feel good? Now you have a chance to win a $65.00 gift certificate and you helped a Tot to get a Toy...wow, even if you don't win you're still a winner cause you helped the Toys for Tots Program!

So.....today I was checking out a few of the blogs on my blog list and I ran into one that told me about the Toys for Tots on Pier 1 Imports (I don't remember which one it was, but if it was yours but you inspired me). I went over to Pier 1 Imports and became a fan and did a quick look-see of what they had and I was amazed at how many cool things they had at such great prices.

I saw so many things I wanted that I thought I would share them with all of you. The first things I saw that I thought were cool and that made me think "Oh yeah...Iwanna one of these" were these cute little eyelash curlers.

These are Gemmed Zebra and Cheetah inspired eyelash curlers. I don't know if any of you are big lovers of makeup, especially eye makeup but I am...always have been and always will be. I curl my lashes everyday! Believe it or not...these are only $15.00 each! Iwanna the Cheetah one!

Next I found this gorgeous Brocade Business Card Holder. I don't know about you, but I can't ever find my business cards in my purse so Iwanna one of these so I can find them easily. Plus wouldn't I look ever so classy and successful pulling a business card out one of these holders? $10.00 each people! I know...it's such a steal. They come in fuchsia, lime, purple and teal. Iwanna the fuchsia one please although I wouldn't say no to the lime one either.

And I have a confession to make, "Hi, I'm Alicia and I'm a mug addict." Truly I am. I love unique and different coffee mugs and cups. This is one of the cutest I've come across in a long time and it's only $6.00. Iwanna one of these for my morning coffee and since I can't wear heels due to this darn Sciatica, then at least I can have them on my coffee cup right? Love the Polka Dots at the bottom and the shape of the handle.

And speaking of pretty cups how about these assorted color French Cups? Can you believe these are just $6.00 each? I love the pretty pastel colors. Drinking from these cups you would almost think you're having a delicious latte from one of your favorite coffee houses! Seriously...Iwanna these! I may have to make a trip to Pier 1 Imports on the way home from work tomorrow.

So see...Christmas doesn't have to be expensive. I would love any one of these items. So do you have all your shopping done? I haven't bought even one present yet. Hmmm, I better get on that don't you think? Happy Iwanna Wednesday and may all your Iwanna wishes come true!


  1. I want the business card holders as well! Those are awesome! Great stocking stuffer! Thanks!

  2. Alicia, you could do great in advertising and marketing. Your descriptions of items is very convincing.

    I would buy a card holder and some of the pastel-colored French cups. Very cute!

  3. You found lots of good stuff mama. I hope you are having a beautiful day, a pain free day :O) HUGS!

  4. Hi Alicia! Wow! Those eyelash curlers are amazing...for the woman who has everything! Merry Christmas!...hugs...Debbie


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