Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's a Chorizo Christmas

By popular demand I give to you our "Christmas Puppy" (my daughter April says she's still a puppy even though she's now 1 year old)!

We had a really great time taking Chorizo to meet Santa. It was Pet Day at the Mall with Santa and there were other people there with their pets. There was this one beautiful Pit Bull right behind us and he so wanted to eat Chorizo!

Chorizo had the time of her life! She was sniffing everything and the kids in front of us kept dropping popcorn, which she loves and there were other dogs and puppies for her to socialize with! She definitely had her Christmas Joy last night!

It's amazing to me that this little ball of fluff has brought so much joy into my life. I've never been a dog person and never understood people who take their dogs everywhere with them and treat them like members of their family. Chorizo has changed all that! I love this little puppy.


  1. Awww, your puppy is adorable. :) I call all dogs puppy regardless of age. Even my nine yr. old hound. Ha!

  2. Oh, God! I swear...she's got a big grin on her face, doesn't she?

    Yes, I felt the same way about my Metro. I'd never had a dog before and never really understood. The thing is, it's gotta be just the right dog. She's a little love...

  3. What a cutey! I've never seen a pet day at the mall but I think its a great idea :)

    My brother has a schitzu/poodle (I know I just butchered that spelling) who is three years old but will always be a tiny critter. I always get corrected when I call him a puppy. My brother assures me he is a "manly dog."


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