Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Iwanna Wednesday - Nesting Dolls

It's Iwanna Wednesday. The day I get to Iwanna anything in the world. Iwanna is kinda a nick name given to me by my mom and sister who say that I WANT everything. We can walk into any kind of store and I will see something and say, "I want one of those"...that's why they call me Iwanna.

But since I've not won the lottery yet, I can't make all my Iwanna wishes come true, but I can make them come true on Iwanna Wednesday because I can blog about anything Iwanna. That's why it's not call Igotta Wednesday, cause I don't gotta most of the things Iwanna...understand now?'s perfectly clear to me.

So I was randomly looking for unique dolls the other day online for my niece Melissa for Christmas. And now that I remember I haven't posted a picture of Melissa in ages! I took a super cute one at Thanksgiving. She was wearing the most gorgeous flowery purple dress. Purple is her favorite color. Isn't she cute? She really loves whipped cream. She takes after me like that :-D

Anyway....I saw lots of dolls that she would love, but I also saw some really unique ones that Iwanna. The dolls I saw are Nesting Dolls. They are known as Matryoshka Dolls, Babushka Dolls, Stacking Dolls, and Russian Nesting Dolls.

I bought these Nesting Dolls for my daughter for her birthday in April of 2009. She's always wanted Russian Nesting Dolls.

When I saw these next ones the first thing out of my mouth was, "Iwanna these dolls!" I just love the color. Don't get me wrong...I love the bright beautiful colors of the ones that are pictured above, but I just love the colors in these. You can find these ($59.95) and many, many more at Just check out the teeny-weenie little baby ones. Join me in saying, Awwwwwww...

And get ready to say Awwwwwww yet again cause check out these cute little penguin nesting dolls. Oh yeah...I hear ya! These are from and are $39.95. (I don't usually list prices, but seeing as how some of you may be looking for unique Christmas gift ideas I thought it might be nice to know how reasonably priced they are.)

The next ones are also from and they just make me smile. How sweet are these? Just $55.95...don't you love the baby chick, freshly hatched? And the Rooster...isn't he just so cocky! ;-D And the mother hen just gazing adoringly at her baby chick...sweet!!!!

I am in Iwanna Nesting Heaven! I keep thinking...ok, this is the last onem  this is the cutest one ever and then BOOM...there's another one! This one is called the Yellow Submarine, like the Beatles song. These are actually the Beatles. The Walrus is Paul...can you guess the other ones? Just check out the details! They all actually can fit inside the yellow submarine. I love the Seahorse with the microphone and the octopus with the pink guitar. Can you blame me if Iwanna these?

The rest of these I found on and I wish I had more time so I could post pictures of the one million and one nesting dolls I found there! There just isn't enough time to show you all of them, so head over to find many more such as these. . .

Star Wars!


Nesting Nurses! They also had Nesting Policy Officers!

And if you're super I know many of you are. How about a blank set so you can make your very own unique nesting doll?

So is your Christmas shopping done? Aren't some of these great as Christmas Gifts? I think I would love all of them thank you very much! Which is your favorite? Happy Iwanna Wednesday and may all your Iwanna wishes come true!


  1. Hi Alicia! Oh, what a cute post! I love these little nesting dolls, as I collect them too! We've been blessed to travel all over the world and I've picked up my Russian dolls and have quite a collection.
    Hope your week is going well.
    be a sweetie,

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