Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I spent this weekend puppy-sitting the precious Chorizo. My daughter April enjoyed the weekend with some friends celebrating the birthday of one of them. Now that April lives so close I get Chorizo! It's a win/win!

We did a lot of playing and napping...so fun! I let her eat things I shouldn't have and I've been thoroughly scolded for that :-(     Sorry April.

I wasn't able to blog at all this weekend! Chorizo has an aversion to the computer. The second I sit down she comes up to my chair and barks and barks until I get up and go play with her.

Every once in a while she will let me place her on the desk and she'll lie there looking at me and napping a bit, but once she's done, she's done...and ready to play.

So for all of you that are used to visits from me on your blogs and the terribly interesting and insightful comments I leave; I was just enjoying my puppy!


  1. He's so precious! I can't help but laugh he barks at you when you sit at the computer. They let us know what they want don't they?

  2. Chorizo is just wanting all of your attention, all of the time. Just like a child! LOL She is a cute little thing, Alicia. Now don't spoil her TOO much- her mommy will scold you.
    hugs, Sue

  3. Denise@alloverroses - They sure can be demanding...lol. Just like kids.

  4. Sue - I really do get scolded when I give her human food...lol. I baked bbq ribs in the oven & I guess I gave her one too many cause she had a little tummy ache so I got scolded :-(


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