Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Iwanna Wednesday - Candles to Light Your Way

Almost...just barely...I feel Autumn coming. It's just a little bit cooler in the mornings and there's a touch of dew on the grass. Yes, maybe it's still 95 degrees by lunchtime, but Iwanna pretend that Autumn is here, that the leaves are turning from green to beautiful shades of orange and gold, brown and red.

Iwanna use my oven again to bake Pumpkin Bread, Meatloaf Pie, Scalloped Potatoes and Ham and Baked Chicken with Baby Red Potatoes lovingly coated with sweet, nutty Olive Oil and a touch of Salt and Pepper! Iwanna wear sweaters and jackets and boots to work. Iwanna cuddle up on the couch with my warm, furry blanket and watch movies. Iwanna get back into the new season of my favorite shows, Greys Anatomy, House and the Big Bang Theory. Most of all Iwanna light candles. Beautiful, richly scented candles from Yankee Candles...my favorite kind.

I can't believe that the Yankee Candle Company has been around since 1969 when a young man named Mike Kittredge wanted to give his mother a Christmas gift. He melted some crayons and made a candle for her. A neighbor saw the candle and persuaded Mike to sell it to her. He then took the money, bought some wax and made two candles; one for his mother and one to sell. The rest is history!

I only found out about Yankee Candles around 2003 when a friend gave me one for absolutely no reason! I was thrilled (aren't we always when we get a gift for no reason). When she gave it to me she said it was a Damn Yankee Candle, the scent was Home Sweet Home. I fell in love with the scent and it still is my absolute favorite scent. I didn't know that the Damn wasn't part of the name until I used up the candle and went to go find another one and realized it's just Yankee Candles! True Story...silly as it is.

So what Iwanna this Iwanna Wednesday is to share with you the joy that is Yankee Candles!

"Light the candles and pour the red wine into your glass. Before you begin to eat, raise your glass in honor of yourself. The company is the best you'll ever have." Daniel Halpern

Home Sweet Home...my favorite. This candles smell like love and warmth and family. Slightly cinnamony, sweet and spicy. Even though it doesn't smell like Christmas it gives you that same feeling of expectation and joy in knowing that you'll be sharing love and joy with your family.

And Yankee Candles doesn't just offer this candle in a large jar like the one pictured, nooooo. You can also purchase smaller jars, tumblers, tea lights, votives and even car air fresheners!

Oh and tarts, which are cool little flat pancake-like scented pieces of wax that you place in a container that you can light an unscented tealight under, like these.

See, you place the scented tart in the little glass dish on the top and then light a tea light underneath. As the tea light melts the tart it releases a heavenly scent! And it's reusable too!

So thats what Iwanna for this Wednesday. Iwanna Autumn to get here a lot quicker and I wanna enjoy some Damn Yankee Candles.

What do you wanna? Have you heard of Yankee Candles? Which are your favorite?


  1. Iwanna eat all the food that you mentioned. I bet you are an excellent cook. Oh, and yes I have heard of yankee candles and I love them too. I don't know what my favorite scent is but I do like the spicy cinnamon type of scents. I also like the citrus scents.

    Oh and I am so glad that Iwanna Wednesdays are back.

  2. ~JarieLyn~ Hahaha, I like that Iwanna wish, to eat all the food mentioned. I was going to link each food mentioned with a link to the recipe but I forgot! I don't cook alot of things but what I do cook I do pretty darn good.

    I'm glad you know the joys of the Yankee Candles, everyone should! I'm glad Iwanna Wednesday are back too...lol. I just have to make the time to do them.

  3. I want the pumpkin spice ones from Pier One:O) So fun to dream!

  4. Damn, girlfriend! Yankee Candles should have sent you a dozen free candles for this glowing recommendation! (Wouldn't it be great if it actually worked that way? I should get back into candles now that I don't have to worry about Metro (sniff, sniff) knocking them over...

  5. Braley Mama - I love pumpkin candles too. I'll have to go by Pier 1 and smell those!

  6. Kathryn - Thanks, I think they should have sent me a dozen free candles as well. Unfortunately like a dunce I didn't link to them, but maybe I'll do that now. Awww, yeah...Metro (sigh). He's knocking over candles in heaven right now!


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