Monday, May 4, 2009


I subscribe to a really cool newsletter/blog that I get delivered to my email every day, it's called Everyday they send me new amusing, awesome, freaky, weird, cute, amazing things. Today they sent me this . . .
and I thought, Oh my this for real? And apparently it is. Would you eat this? I mean I like me some bacon, but squeezable-look like poopie bacon? Ummm, I don't know.

Lisa has a saying, "Any day with bacon is a good day!" But I think even she would draw the line at this one, right sis?

So that made me wonder what other squeezable food there is out there that we are missing out on?

Well we all know about GoGurt right? I've tried this and unless you're a kid and you love to get messy these are no good. I'm really OCD about getting messy with my food so this product I pass on, although I do love Yogurt!

Japan seems to have a big market for squeezables, judging from these. The Chocolate squeezie/squeezy thing looks tasty! I'm not too sure about Garlic Toast squeezie. Maybe the Fried Rice one?

So being Mexican, I'm kinda wondering if maybe there might be a market for squeezable refried beans, with or without cheese? with or without chorizo flavoring? Hmmm? Wouldn't those be tasty on a tortilla chip? Or maybe some squeezable Pico de Gallo? Or wait....squeezable guacamole, Mmmmmmmm....heaven. Can you think of any other foods that would be great squeezable? Or squeezably great? :0)


  1. Yes! To squeezable refried beans, that is. I would buy that! It's a perfect solution for campers/hikers. Soft tortillas are a hiker's go-to, and squeezables are also a hiker's dream, so squeezable refried beans seems like a natural. The packaging is easy to pack out for responsible disposable. Let me know if you go ahead with that idea!

    1. Thanks Jessica for commenting on this post. I'd forgotten I'd written it. You know, squeezable refried beans do sound like a great idea. Maybe I need to go ahead with this idea. It's a thought!

  2. PS, I do think the other squeezable ideas are good ideas for every-day use, but I like the refried beans the best for hiking because they are so much less likely to go bad than guacamole or any kind of meat. There are squeezable cheeses, but they are full of preservatives. Of course, without preservatives, then spoilage on a hike is a major consideration. You could market the squeezable refried beans via outdoor equipment stores.


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