Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Blogoversary!!!!!!!!!

Yippee!!! Kris Allen won American Idol last night and today my blog is 1 year old! Congratulations to Kris and to me!

Ahhhh, I remember it like it was blog just a twinkle in my eye, a small idea at the back of my head and now one year old and growing. I never thought I would make it, it was a tough year. Many ups and many downs.

I know when I started the blog I started it because I had one idea that I really wanted to write a post about. It would be a post about Mexican Sayings...and I have yet to write that post, maybe in the new year?

I started out thinking this would be a blog about food and my wonderful culinary talents, then found out I didn't have any :-)
I thought maybe it would be a thrifting blog and I'm still working on that. Mostly it's a blog about things that I live and love in this world and in my life.

Last year on this day I wrote about my nieces and nephew who were graduating high school and embarking on adulthood. Well they've done great this past year. They are all in school. Two at Bakersfield College and one at Cal-State Bakersfield. I couldn't be prouder. I love you all!

This year saw both my son Jim and daughter April embark on new careers/job choices and I'm very proud of both of them. Where they've been, where they're heading and where they are now. I love you both.

This year saw my sister Lisa switching jobs and leaving the shelter and loving arms of Shafter to embark on a new career in the big city. Thanks to that decision I get to start and end every weekday in the company of my beautiful, loving sister. I love you sister!

This year saw my battle with Thyroid Cancer and it also saw me come out victorious at the end. Cancer free! A little less hair, but we're working on that. Thanks to all the sentiments and loving words and prayers from my family, friends and co-workers!

I hope that you my loyal fans, Lisa, April, Connie, Alicia, Stella and Tweety continue to enjoy my blog. Stay tuned and I hope you all enjoy the next year.

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