Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Iwanna Wednesday

This morning on the way to work I asked my sister if she had watched Two and a Half Men last night and she said yes. I asked her if she remembered when Charlie was in bed with his fiance, I forget her name. She said yes. I asked her if she had noticed the bedside lamps on either side of Charlie's bed and she busted out laughing. She said, "I can't believe that even when you watch TV you're shopping!"

Well that's what the Iwanna Queen does! She shops and Iwanna's everything, everywhere, every time! It's my duty to be observant and Iwanna all those special items so I can put them here and everyone can enjoy them. Cause even if you watched the show I bet you didn't notice those two blue crystal lamps? (I know, I know...with Charlie Sheen there why would you notice anything else? Isn't he adorable?)

Well I don't know if ya'll saw those lamps, but I fell in love and immediately said, "Iwanna those lamps!"

I checked online under the show name but I couldn't find the exact ones. But next Monday at 9am, watch Two and a Half Men and you will see them. For now enjoy these Iwanna-be lamps I found online.

This one looks almost exactly like Charlie's, but it's pink instead of aquamarine blue. I really kind of like the pink, it's warm and soothing, but those blue ones just look so icy and cool! The one below it is the same except in a lovely lavender color. I love both of these!

This one is pretty because it's clear and you can always just change the lampshade to match whatever colors your currently displaying in your bedroom. I really hate this dark lampshade, it's just too heavy for the clear crystal.

Now this one look a lot like the color of the one on Charlie's show, but his had more little balls.

And just to tell you Iwanna stuff too! For years now my sister has coveted the coffee mugs that Charlie and his brother Alan drink coffee out of on the show. See Charlie has one below. Lisa's husband and my brother in law found some that are pretty similar...I shall have to take a picture of it and show everyone.

*sigh* Don't you love Charlie Sheen? And Emilio Estevez? The apple didn't fall far from the Martin Sheen tree. I kinda Iwanna Charlie, Emilio and Martin :0)

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  1. Excuse me... But you want the cups not me. I have been trying to find them for you. I only I wanna take a tour through his house. If they sold tours I would so so so so buy a tour


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