Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Iwanna Wednesday

Hey all! It's Iwanna Wednesday...and yes, there are still things that Iwanna out there. Today it's porch swings. The weather is bound to get better soon and I would love to have a porch swing that I could sit in and read and just enjoy the outdoors in. I have a hammock, but you have to lie down in it and it's not really comfortable for reading.

So I went online shopping, which is my fav thing to do, next to real shopping that is and I found lots of swings that would make Iwanna happy.

First off, this one is not the most comfortable of swings, (and I am looking for comfort) but the artist that designs these is just wonderful, you can find more information about the artist and his designs here.

This one is super dreamy comfortable! I can imagine never wanting to leave this one. The only problem is it looks as though it has to be suspended on the beams of the patio and my patio is aluminum, so I don't think it would work, but maybe one of you guys would like this?

This one was just so unique, I had to share it. I also love how happy the kitty-cat looks. It's beautiful and artistic, but not what I'm looking for, so lets move on shall we?

Ok, this is getting a bit closer. It's self-sustained, so I don't have to mount it to the patio or anything. It provides shade and can be moved. It has a little table for my beverage and book...hmmm, this one might be a contender.

But then again...there's this one. But is it just me or do you all think it would be super difficult to get our butts out of this swing? Especially if you have short little legs like mine.

Ok, this is's the one. Comfy, comfy, comfy! Ah yes, let me run grab a beer and my book and I'll meet ya'll back here in a minute!

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