Saturday, February 28, 2009

Captivity ~ Day Six

Today things went back a little bit to normal. Jim came back home. He still needs to stay away from me for extended periods of time until Monday when they let me know how much radiation is still in my system.

My mom and Lisa went shopping...without me :0(

I was sad...I love shopping. They didn't do fun shopping though because they only went to JC Penneys and Winco, two stores that I really don't like.

Other than that I worked on a few posts. I watched the Will Smith movie, Seven Pounds. Loved It! It's really a deep movie that keeps you guessing and makes you think for hours after the movie as you all of a sudden realize "Oh...that's why he did that" or "Oh...thats why he said that". I highly recommend it.

I'm about 1/6th of the way through the last of the Twilight books, Breaking Dawn and I really have enjoyed the books. So since I only have tomorrow and monday to finish this huge book, I guess I'll go off to read.

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