Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Iwanna Wednesday

Welcome to another installment of Iwanna Wednesday. Today's item that Iwanna is apparently an item that Ineeda also? Huh, what, huh? Let me explain. In my living room, I have no clock because usually I have my cell phone near me, or I'm on the computer and have a clock at the bottom right. But when my sis or my mom come visit me, it drives them crazy that I have no clock in my living room!

So, therefore, my Iwanna item today is also an Ineeda one. So I'm on the lookout for clocks and I don't really want a huge one as I want it to go above a door in my living room where you can see it from the hallway, the kitchen and when you come in.

Here's what I found at

This one caught my eye because it's unexpected, the numbers all haphazard and all.
The one of course is in a shade of my favorite color, green, but it kinda looks very antique and weathered and I know that's all the rage right now, but I'm a new and shiny kinda person.

You gotta love this one! The Dallas Cowboy clock. Adore it, want it! But is it really practical in my home where I'm not a big sports nut and really only watch football at Super Bowl Time?
This one of course, goes with my love of cats, although I don't have a real one. I think though that his tail would probably make that clicking sound that grandfather clocks make and I really don't like clicking sounds.

Ok, this one I really think is a contender, but it is HUGE! It's 27 inches in diameter and I was really only looking for something 10 to 12 inches in diameter. This would have to be like a whole wall display, but I do really love it.
I love the simplicity of this one, don't you? It's clean and crisp and no nonsense.

Ok, I know, this is childish, but I LOVE IT! I love pink and it's so pretty. I know it goes with nothing in my living room. This is a true IWANNA object, cause I just Iwanna it but don't need it at all!

So there you go, those are the ones I've come up with. What do you guys think?

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