Sunday, August 3, 2008

Egg in a Hole from Pioneer Woman Cooks

OMgosh!! It took me almost two hours to do the previous post because for some reason, when I had the text right, you couldn't see the pictures...and when I did the pictures right, you couldn't see the text! I was ready to cry. I meant to do two more posts tonight, but I may have to settle with doing just this one unless it too goes completely wrong!

Ok, well anyway, this post is about cooking. I wanted to show the world my cooking talents, well my copying other people cooking talents I mean. I have a blog I read faithfully called Pioneer Women Cooks you can read it here I've posted other of her recipes before but I kept meaning to try her "Egg in a Hole" pictured below.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, doesn't that look super yummy? And it's super easy too. You just take a slice of bread and using a cookie cutter, or a drinking glass as I did you cut a hole in the middle of the bread. In a frying pan you put lots of butter, at least 3 tablespoons then put the bread in. You crack an egg into the middle where the hole is, add salt and pepper, turn to the other side and let that brown...and Voila! Egg in a hole, version below.

I took the middle part and fried that in the pan as well. It was so good that we had it for breakfast both Saturday and Sunday. My son Jim at 3 or them yesterday and today he ate only one because I made some maple flavored sausages to got with the Egg in a Hole. Big thanks to you...Pioneer Woman!

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