Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This year I have two nieces and one nephew graduating from high school. I've received their announcements in the mail and it's caused me to look back at my own high school years, so many, many years ago. :-(

High School days were definitely the best days of my life and I look back at them with so many fond memories. I loved learning so classes weren't a problem for me, as long as I was learning something new and I was being challenged I was happy. I loved all the different clubs I belonged to and playing sports. I loved pep rallies, fund raising, pop bottle drives (I'm sure my nieces and nephews have no idea what those are), and I loved school dances on Friday nights after the football and basketball games! My mom has a saying that applies to my high school days, I didn't leave a "titere con bonete" (roughly translated I didn't leave a puppet with a cap on) (more about Mexican sayings I grew up with in another post). That's why I named this blog Titere con Bonete, because I hope that I'm still the same way and don't like to leave anything without having tried it at least once and being open to new things. I'm not saying I'm adventurous, because I'm not...but if faced with or given an opportunity for the most part I go for it and I hope to always live no titere with his bonete!

I hope that my nieces and nephews will be able to look back on their high school years with as much love and enjoyment as I do, because real life is waiting to kick them in the butt!

And I want to leave them with this quote by Thomas Alva Edison:
If we all did the things we are capable of doing we would literally astound ourselves
To the ones I love in the
Class of 2008

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