Sunday, August 24, 2014

Trying to find the Jalapeno Margarita of My Dreams!

Several years ago in a restaurant in Old Town San Diego, I had a Jalapeno Margarita and fell in love!

In love with the sweet spiciness of the drink and the way it felt so sweet on the tongue while it was in your mouth but after you swallowed left the signature tingling of a fresh jalapeno. I loved the color of it and the way they rimmed the glass with lime then a jalapeno then salt so your lips were burning the whole time you drank it. Yum!!!

I know that seems crazy, but trust me, it's delicious!

So I decided today to try to make a margarita that I found on a website called Hispanic Kitchen. I love this website! They have the most delicious recipes and they are tried and true. If you are looking for a great place to find recipes for fabulous Hispanic foods then head over there and check out their website. Or if you are on Facebook you can find them there under Hispanic Kitchen.

So anyway, I've been wanting to try their "Some Like It Hot Cocktail".  Here's a photo of the drink from their website.

Photo Credit - Hispanic Kitchen 

Doesn't that look refreshing? The recipe cause me a little concern though, here is the recipe from their website:

The Jalapeno-Infused Agave Nectar threw me for a loop! Where does one find that? Luckily, I have the world at my finger tips and I googled and found that you create that by buying agave nectar, sort of a honey made from the agave plant and then infusing it with jalapenos.

So I diced up three jalapenos and steeped them in 10 ounces of simmering water...see! I used the whole jalapeno, membrane and seeds since that is where all the heat is and I wanted that heat!!! Oh...and a tip here, if you decide to make this, turn the vent on over your stove because as these are simmering they release something that makes you cough like crazy!

I found a bottle of Agave Nectar Friday night when my sister and I went out for Sister Night. Quick wrap up of that was we went to Denny's for their Nachos. If you have not had Denny's Nachos I suggest you go right away because they are delicious! Who would have thunk it right?

Here's the bottle I used, it was an amber agave. I was worried that wouldn't give the drink the right color, but you'll worked just fine. This smells like molasses but tastes like honey, very weird, but I liked it!

So I pour the jalapeno water into the Agave Nectar in a plastic container and it was still a very dark brown color but just beautiful. So that my friends is how you infuse Jalapeno into Agave Nectar! Who knew! I dipped my finger into's hot! And not just temperature's spicy hot!!!

Several months ago I had a friend that gave me two bottles of Tequila, so I made the first drinks using the Tres Generaciones tequila. Tres Generaciones means Three Generations and it's a very good tequila. Here's a picture of the first one I tried.

With the first drink I muddled the raspberries alone, then added the other ingredients to them in the shaker with some ice. It was very good but I felt it could have used a little more sweetness.

So with the 2nd drink, I used two more raspberries and I put them in the shaker with all the other ingredients except the ice and then muddled the tequila, raspberries, lime and jalapeno-infused agave nectar all together, then added ice and shook. I also rimmed the glass with a bit of lime, a bit of jalapeno and a bit of salt...made all the difference in the world, it was delicious!

I also used the other tequila which I definitely liked better, someday I shall have to take a shot of each and see which is better alone. This one is Xicote Tequila, I couldn't find a website for them.

Earlier in the day I placed some chicken breasts atop some chopped onion and red and green bell peppers and added some fajita seasoning and that should be ready any minute. I've had that delicious smell filling my house all afternoon and now I'm mellow and ready for some chicken fajitas and maybe a beer to go with them and then to relax the rest of the evening to prepare for this next week and then a 3-day weekend next week!!! Life is good! How was your Sunday?


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Happy Birthday to my precious Son!

On August 19, 1985 I had one of the roughest days of my life. I had this little human being trying to exit my body butt first! My son James tried to come into the world folded up like a little taco with one leg on either side of his ears!

I remember the doctor feeling around down there and telling me, “Oh it’s going to be any minute, I feel her little head”. Back in those days we didn't just automatically find out if it was going to be a boy or a girl, so I had no clue.

An hour later the same doctor was telling me the same thing, to just hang in there the baby’s head is in position.

Another hour later, same thing…

After several hours of this the doctor finally realized that the baby was in some distress according to the fetal monitor strapped to my tummy and she ordered an X-ray to be done right away. You can't imagine how painful it was to go through contractions with a little human struggling to get out of you and you have to hold still for an X-ray? But I did it, with hardly any thought for myself, my baby was in distress and that was all I cared about.

After the doctor reviewed the X-ray she came into the room where I was still in painful labor with my mom on one side and my husband on the other. She explained that the little stinker was trying to make her entrance into this world butt first! She said the only thing we could do at this point was a C-section.

My husband was very much against my being put under; he felt that I wouldn't wake up again so he asked her for another option. Dr. Admiral, I will never forget her name, Dr. Admiral told my husband that he did have one other option, “We can just sit here and do nothing and you can watch your wife and your baby die!”

I told him, “Shut up and let her do what she has to do, I trust her!” And they wheeled me off into surgery.

At that time they didn't allow spouses to come into the surgery room, I was alone, but I didn't feel alone because I had someone else with me, that same little human being that was trying to split me in two was with me and I've never been alone since!

All I can remember is they strapped down my arms and they strapped down my legs and I just wanted to curl into a little ball from the pain but I couldn't…I was strapped down, then the blessed Anesthesiologist put me under and I felt nothing after that.

I woke up while I was being wheeled down the hall to the recovery room, the vision of my husband hovering over me and exclaiming, “Alice, it’s a boy, a beautiful little boy with blue eyes!” I just said, “That’s nice, leave me alone now.”

Afterwards I was in so much pain that the last thing in the world I wanted was to get up out of bed and take care of this baby, but the nurse brought him to me and told me I had to take care of him. I told her, “no thank you, take him away, I’m not going to get up, I hurt!” She said, “Oh honey…you’ll get up” and she walked out and left him there in his crib by my bed.

She knew what a mother’s love was. She knew that I would not let my baby cry. She knew I would get my ass out of bed come hell or high water to take care of my baby…she knew! And I did, and I fell in love with that sweet little boy, my son.

My Son - my come into the world butt first...son!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

On The Road Again! Historic Tehachapi! And Brains on the Tunnel!

This week we did Sister Night early, on Tuesday. We had a good reason and we did something a little different.

My sister Lisa happened to have a doctors appointment in Bakersfield. Since she was already in town it made sense to meet up for dinner. I happened to have a rental car courtesy of General Motors since they were fixing some recalls on my car. We figured, we're already both in Bakersfield and we have a rental car, why not head to the beach for dinner?

The reason we didn't go to the beach is that it's a couple hours away, so we thought we would head the opposite way and that's how we ended up in the beautiful historic City of Tehachapi.

I've been through Tehachapi dozens of times as that's the way we usually head when we visit Arizona or on the way to Las Vegas, but I had never actually stopped and visited. Glad that we did because we really had a good time and it's a beautiful little community.

Tehachapi is 35 miles East South East of Bakersfield. The drive up is beautiful. You barely get out of Bakersfield before you start climbing and pretty soon you are surrounded by beautiful rolling hills. The only sad thing was how dried out the hills were. I normally have always headed that way in the spring or autumn and was used to see rolling green hills, so this was quite a change. But even with the hills dry and yellow, it didn't take away from the natural beauty!

Lisa tried to capture some of the beauty as we drove along as you can see in this collage. The photo on the top right shows the rolling hills somewhat but it is hard to capture the depth of the mountains, especially in a moving car.

Lisa also took photos of one of the mountain tunnels which is part of the Historic Tehachapi Loop. Per Wikipedia, The Tehachapi Loop is a 0.73-mile (1.17 km) long 'spiral', or helix, on the Union Pacific Railroad line through Tehachapi Pass, of the Tehachapi Mountains in Kern County, south-central California. The line connects Bakersfield and the San Joaquin Valley to Mojave in the Mojave Desert. Seeing a daily average of almost 40 trains, the line is one of the busiest single-track mainlines in the world.

The reason I put a close up of the tunnel in the picture is because many years ago, when my son Jim was about 5 years old or so, we traveled to Arizona for a funeral. My brother Fred was driving and my son Jim was driving Fred crazy with questions and just generally chatting away without really saying anything. So Fred pointed out the dark spot at the top of the bridge and asked Jim if he knew what that was and why it was there? Jim had no clue. Fred told him that back in the day hobo's and bank robbers would ride on the top of the trains and that sometimes it was nighttime and they didn't realize the tunnel was coming up and the hobo's and bank robbers would clobber their heads on the top of the tunnels and that mark was the dried blood and brains left from their heads busting against the concrete!

I know the story is gory and scary and totally made up, but it got Jim to staring out the window and trying to see the bloody spot on the remaining tunnels. That kept him entertained for a couple of miles. Hey! When you're travelling with a boy as active and curious as my son was, you do what you have to do to keep him entertained!

Lisa and I finally got into Tehachapi and we spent a good half hour just driving around up and down their main street and turning into side streets when we would see something interesting. Tehachapi was about 10 degrees cooler than Bakersfield. It was 81 degrees and there was a nice breeze and the air....Oh my Goodness...the air was so clean and fresh compared to Bakersfield air! We loved it.

Most of the stores on the main street were closed, and we've made plans to return on a Saturday to walk around and take our mom to a cute little Mexican restaurant we went to. But we may just go to another cute little restaurant called The Apple Shed. Tehachapi is known for their Apple Festival and I have always wanted to go.

After a nice dinner we headed home and we felt like we'd had a weekend getaway. Sometimes just a change of scenery helps!


Monday, July 28, 2014

National Tequila Day has come and gone...but the memories linger!! Sister Night Margaritas!

Bet you didn't know that last week on Thursday it was National Tequila Day? Well it was. Did it pass you by?

Luckily, thanks to all those sweet people on Facebook, I was reminded all day long! I never realized so many of my friends love Tequila the same way I do! Maybe that's why they're my friends? So I immediately got my sister Lisa on that Tequila bandwagon and we planned to get together after work to celebrate.

A little history on me and my sister Lisa. When her son Sean was in high school, he played football. So every Friday found us two sisters sitting in the bleachers either sweating up a storm or wrapped in blankets freezing to death watch Sean play football! Through thick and thin, we were there.

After football season ended during Sean's Senior year we felt a little displaced and out of touch with each other. So we said "Why does this have to end?"  Thus was born the tradition of "Sister Night". A night during the week when we get together to just catch up on our lives, to joke, to cry, to share memories, but mainly a night devoted to "sister love"!

Sean has now graduated college, he's completed the police academy, he's a dad...and my sister and I continue to get together one night a week for Sister Night!

Well National Tequila Day fell on our sister night, so we hit one of our favorite watering holes for Happy Hour! And, we got Happy! With these little beauties! On the left, a Watermelon Margarita for my sister Lisa and on the right, a Raspberry Margarita for me! Don't you love the colors? Tell me your mouth is not watering right now!

Since it was a special holiday, we threw caution to the wind and decided to order some of their delicious appetizers. An order of Chicken Taquitos with Guacamole and Sour Cream, and an order of their Chorizo-Bean Dip with Flour Chips. Plus Chips and Salsa? We were in Tequila Heaven!

Our poor little waitress kept coming by wanting to know how the Chorizo-Bean Dip was since she had recommended it and we had to keep sending her away as we were busy taking Selfies!

Love the way we match our drinks, like we dressed for the occasion! We did eventually put down our phones to dig in to our appetizers and they were delicious! The Margaritas were super yummy and our little waitress tried to talk us into having another, but with age comes wisdom and we know when we've had enough.

Another Successful Sister Night for the history books!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Book That Made Me Realize I Was Going to Love Books and Reading

Do you know that this year marks the 50th Anniversary of a book that my children loved when they were little? Well I say a book they loved, but actually, I don't believe they ever read the book, they only saw the movie. The book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.

Do you know this book? Have you read it? Or maybe you have only seen the movie? The one starring Gene Wilder in the role of Willie Wonka or maybe the one with Johnny Depp in the role?

Most people probably only know this book because of the movie, which is a bit sad because the book is so much better! All books are so much better! You never hear someone read the book and then watch the movie and say "the movie was better"! Nope, you always heard them coming out of the theater and saying ''that was disappointing, the book was so much better!"

Which is why I am glad that I never got to see movies as a kid. We always lived out on the ranches my dad worked at and usually they were always 20 or so miles from the nearest towns, making it crazy to go just to see a movie! So I read books instead. Tons of books! I devoured them like they were M&M's!

Great Expectations, Little Women, Little Men, Charlotte's Webb, Alice in Wonderland, The Nancy Drew Mysteries, The Wizard of Oz, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Heidi, Swiss Family Robinson, Black Beauty, I could go on and on!

But my very favorite, the one I still remember to this day, the book that made me realize I was going to love books and reading forever was The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew by Margaret Sidney.

As I remember, this was the cover of the book I had. The Five Little Peppers had such great adventures and they were so kind to each other and they always did things together and even though they were poor they were happy. I would read it over and over again.

I didn't realize it but this was not the only book written about the Five Little Peppers. After this one there were 11 more books about the Peppers, 12 all total. Sad to say I only knew about this one. I'm think I need to keep an eye out at my favorite used book store to see if I can find the rest of them.

I hope that parents continue to read to their children and that they let their children see them reading. My mom read a lot, and we followed her lead. Turn off the TV and hand your child a book and just let them spend some quiet time getting lost in a another world, another time. Nurture a love of reading and books. Maybe go out and buy the 50th Anniversary copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and read it with them!

What book was your favorite as a child, or which book do you remember reading most?

This post was inspired by the classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. To celebrate, Penguin Young Readers Group, in partnership with Dylan’s Candy Bar, the world-famous candy emporium, and First Book, a nonprofit social enterprise that provides books for children from low-income families, is launching a year-long international celebration.

Head over to From Left to Write to learn how you and your child can have a chance to win the Golden Ticket Sweepstakes where the grand prize is a magical trip to New York City plus much more! For every entry submitted, Penguin Young Readers Group will make a donation to First Book. Then, join From Left to Write on July 24 as we discuss Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As a book club member, I received a copy of the book for review purposes.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

One New Thing a Week and I'm Already Behind! Low-Carb Strawberry Shortcake and a Birthday Girl!

So on June 29th I did my first post of my new plan to cook and post one new low-carb dish each week instead of eating the same old thing every day. Here is the link to the post and if you want to see my yummy Jalapeno Deviled Eggs it would be well worth the visit, they were fabulous! it is July 17th and I believe 2 weeks have gone by and I didn't post anything new! I'm really not very good at this planning stuff I think.

But today I'm going to share something pretty special. I was blown away by it. Check it out!

Does that not just jump right out at you and say "EAT ME!"

Now before you all start applauding and telling me how wonderful and creative a low-carb cook I am, let me tell you that this is not my creation. Nope, this delectable dessert wonder is the creation of my co-worker and dear friend Angelica.

Every year for each other's birthday we try to create a Low-Carb dessert or meal as a surprise for the other one, and this year she made this Low-Carb Strawberry Shortcake. The cake is made with almond flour and the vanilla ice cream is also home-made. Not sure with what ingredients because my mouth was too full of ice cream to ask!!!

My birthday will be this Sunday and I'm taking the day off from work tomorrow for a road trip with my sister Lisa. Our plan is to go SOUTH and see what we find. I love not having a plan and just going! My dad used to love to do that as well, that must be where I get it from!

So here I am...not bad for 30 right? Hahaha, yeah right. Well not bad for 56 if I do say so myself!

Thank you Angelica for the great Birthday treats, my Low-Carb Strawberry Shortcake and my Sugar-free Iced Vanilla Coffee from Starbucks, you're a doll!


Sunday, June 29, 2014

One New Thing a Week Starting Today and Who Doesn't Love Bacon? Bacon Jalapeno Deviled Eggs

Loving my low-carb lifestyle, it's become a way of life, not just a diet. But noticed I've been getting lazy and having the same old thing. I've just been eating rotisserie chicken in salad or just alone. Last week I made Kale Salad and I loved it and realized that there are so many other low carb dishes out there and I set a goal to try at least one new recipe per week; more if I'm feeling ambitious, but at least one!

Maybe I'll even try to start up my Weekly Low Carb Wrap Up again...we'll see, baby steps here, it's summer and hot!

I get a lot of suggestions on things to make from my sister Lisa and my co-worker Angelica. Lisa recently sent me a recipe for Bacon Jalapeno Deviled Eggs from the blog Real Housemoms. You can follow the link to find the original recipe. I had to tweak it a bit to make sure that my people would eat it. Some don't like jalapeno, some don't like paprika, some don't like mustard and so on and so on...

Started by boiling a dozen eggs. I got a really great tip this weekend from Anne Burrell from the Food Network. I happened to catch an episode where she made Truffled Deviled Eggs and she said she had a foolproof way of boiling her eggs that would make them perfectly fluffy every time and you will never have that green ring around the yolk! Eggs should be two colors, yellow and white! The secret? Place your eggs in a pot, fill with tap water, BTB...bring to boil.  When they boil turn off the burner and cover for exactly 13 minutes and Voila! Perfect eggs!

While I was boiling the  perfect 13 minute egg, I fried my bacon. Is there anything prettier than bacon frying in a pan? Is there anything on this earth that smells better? Ok, well yes, babies smell better, love that baby smell...but you CAN'T eat a baby! Check this out!

Bacon Frying! Yum - Muy Bonito, Que No?

While the eggs are boiling and the bacon is frying, I'm chopping Jalapenos! I'm the Queen of Multi-Tasking! I diced them really small so that I would get a bit of Jalapeno in every bite! Love raw Jalapeno, I put it in salads and omelette's and almost anything that needs a little crunch. It takes the place of potato chips for me. The recipe called for two, but I had a really big one so I just diced up the one. I seeded it first to take out some of the spiciness.

Also Muy Bonito! fav color!

So eggs were done, ran them under cold water to cool them off so I could peel them. Peeled them, cut them in half, removed the yoke and placed the yolk in a separate bowl and sure enough, beautifully yellow! Forgot to take a picture, but you'll see how yellow my final pictures are below.

I made my egg yolks a bit more simple than the recipe, just mayonnaise, a tad of salt as the bacon would add it's own saltiness, some black pepper about a half teaspoon of regular yellow mustard, not the powdered kind, just the one you put on your hot dogs.

The one thing I did try from the recipe is to add some sugar, I thought maybe it would offset the saltiness of the bacon and you know what? It did! It really added something to it. I only used maybe one quarter teaspoon. Added the bacon and mixed. I didn't add the jalapeno yet as I wanted to make half without jalapeno.

Now in the recipe you place the egg mixture in a plastic bag with a piping tip and pipe them in all nice and pretty but you know what? It's over 100 degrees outside and spending additional time in a warm kitchen when I could be eating in front of the air conditioner was just not in the cards today, so I spooned them in instead.

Here's the bacon only ones that I made. I think they still look rather pretty, even without the piping. The recipe called for a sprinkle of Paprika, but people are not big fans of the Paprika and I think mine was old anyway as it was more brown than a rusty red color, so I tossed it.

Huevos (Eggs) without the Jalapeno!

Here are the ones I really thought tasted much better, but that's because I'm partial to that Jalapeno and the crunchiness! They were delicious!

Mmmm, all that's missing is an ice cold beer!

I only used 6 slices of bacon so with the rest I made BLT sandwiches. Of course I didn't have the BLT as it's not low carb with the bread, but I did enjoy sprinkling my portion of bacon on top of the eggs. Yum!

So technically, this is the one new thing for the week, so I don't have to worry about making anything new this week, but you never know because I know that Lisa and Angelica will be sending me yummy recipes to try! Have a great week everyone!


Monday, June 23, 2014

Kale - A Delicious Super Food!

Have you heard of Kale? Have you tried it yet? Did you know that a lot of people consider it the #1 Super food?

Photo Credit -

One day last week my cupboards were bare and I had nothing to take for lunch. So I went to my local Von's Grocery Store to see what they had in their deli that I might be able to eat that would be within my low carb way of eating. I saw they had some tuna salad so I was waiting to get some of that when an older gentleman asked the deli clerk for some of the Kale Salad, then he turned to me and said, "Have you had their Kale Salad? It's out of this world." He told the clerk, "Give this young lady some Kale Salad."

Well thank goodness that gentleman was there that day because I never would have asked for a sample and I never would have found out how great Kale is!

Here's a photo of my lunch that day. Tuna was simple, but good, just a bit of onion and celery and pickle. But the star of the lunch hour was the Kale Salad. It had so many great ingredients and I kept finding new things in it! Von's Kale Salad had Kale of course, dried cranberries, fresh blueberries, red onion, sunflower seeds, slivered onions, carrots and pomegranate seeds. The dressing was a Pomegranate Vinaigrette. Now I know this probably had a lot of sugar, but I went ahead and bought some and shared it with my co-worker and decided I would try to make it a bit more low carb.

So today I search for some recipes and I found this video from Aarti Sequeira. I love Aarti! I remember watching her on The Next Food Network Star and was so happy when she won. If you have a chance watch her video HERE, she's got the most pleasant personality and I love her voice!

Her recipe was super simple and she just added Mango. I didn't have Mango, plus Mango is high in sugar which brings the carb count up. So I massaged the Kale as she explains in her video, then while it wilted and softened I made a dressing almost similar to the one she did except that I used Splenda instead of Honey...again, the carb count.

Once the dressing was made I combined it with the kale, some blueberries cut in half, a handful of walnuts, another handful of pepitas, some red onion and lemon juice and salt/pepper to taste! Here's a picture of mine. I had shredded carrots but they are also high in sugar and before you know it that sugar can add up!

I had some leftover pork chops I'd pan fried yesterday for dinner so I re-heated it. The Kale Salad was a perfect companion! Doesn't this look yummy?

Can't wait to try it other ways and with other ingredients. You can also cook it, so can't wait to try that also. Have you ever had Kale? Got any good recipes or suggestions?

To find Aarti's recipe click HERE


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Beach Trip to Re-Charge!

Yesterday my sister and I decided since it was going to be over 100 degrees in Shafter that it was probably a good idea to head somewhere way, way cooler!

We gassed up the car and decided to head to the beach!

We weren't sure if we should head south to Santa Barbara or west to Pismo. We figured Santa Barbara was probably going to be pretty crowded, so Pismo it was. Little did we know that this weekend was the huge and very crowded Pismo Car Show. We had decided when we left home to have lunch at this cute little restaurant called Alphy's Broiler.

We'd been there before and had a really yummy Oriental Salad made with assorted cabbages, scallions, carrots, chicken breast, almonds, cilantro, crispy wonton strips and their own sesame ginger dressing. It is out of this world and we were really excited to have it again!

So it was sad to realize that due to all the crowds and the traffic jam on the freeway that we wouldn't be able to even get there unless we were willing to wait in huge lines of cars and even then we were pretty sure that it was going to be standing room only. So we opted to go to another really great place in Pismo, Zorro's Cafe and Cantina.

The cool thing about this restaurant is that you can eat outdoors and pets are allowed. So there is always someone there with a cute dog. I've eaten there before with my daughter and her puppy Chorizo. Here's Chorizo sitting tableside at Zorro's back in October of 2011. We've been coming here ever since. Isn't she adorable!

We were lucky and for once there wasn't a long wait. We got a table on the sidewalk outdoors. The weather was awesome, the sun was shining but there was a refreshing breeze coming off the ocean which was only a couple of blocks away. Unfortunately they didn't have an Oriental Salad, so I decided to have their Sombrero Burger, a half pound Angus beef patty on a sesame seed bun with grilled sliced japapeno, queso fresco cheese and guacamole and their spicy homemade chimi sauce. I asked for a sample of the chimi sauce and didn't care for it at all, so I requested the burger with no bread,  no chimi sauce and a salad instead of fries...very low carb and very delicious!

My sister Lisa had the California Burger, same kind of beef, on bread (and she did eat the bread), avocado, jack cheese and sprouts. She said it was great as well.

Then we headed down the street to the beach where we just sat and talked and read a little bit in our books and walked and took pictures and talked to people. We had a great time and the weather was perfect! This was our view as we sat in this small park.

Across the street from where we were sitting we noticed that there was a house for sale. Now this neighborhood has houses in every nook and cranny. People don't mind living in each other's living rooms in return for living ocean side. Here's the house. We peeked through the windows and it was just a cute little house, but we immediately started dreaming on buying this house and how we would fix it up and have coffee in the cute little breakfast nook in the morning and wine on the lanai at night.

The great thing about this house is the view! This is what we would see while we had our morning coffee and our evening glass of wine! We had a lot of fun just imagining what life would be like, the parties we would have, the people we would invite to visit.

Today my sister looked this house up on We figured it would probably be $1,000,000 or there abouts. If this same house were for sale in Bakersfield you probably wouldn't get more than $50,000, but guess how much this house is because it's ocean front property?

Yep, a cool $1.5 million!!! I guess Lisa and I had better start playing the lottery! But it was still fun to dream and we had a great day. Got a little sunburned, had some great food and got to spend sister time together. Definitely we have to do this more often!


Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Prince Charming

When I was a little girl, like all little girls, I wanted to marry my daddy. But I was told that I couldn't, he belonged to my mommy so I figured I better look around and see what else was out there.

One of the best places to find a man to marry when I was about 11, 12 and 13 years old was television, as I was still a bit too young to hit the clubs and online match making hadn't been invented yet!

So right away I fell madly in love with Heath Barkley, the gorgeous baby brother on the fabulous show The Big Valley which ran from 1965 to 1969.

Heath, Audra, Jarrod, Victoria and Nick 

Heath was the strong, silent type, yet with his blondish good looks he was just The Golden Boy to me.

I watched that show religiously and at night time I would fall asleep dreaming of being his wife and living on The Big Valley Ranch and being best friends with his sister Audra, who was gorgeous!

The funny thing is it wasn't Lee Majors I was in love with…nope, it was Heath Barkley. When Lee did The Six Million Dollar Man television show he didn't do anything for me.

It was Heath I was in love with. Maybe it was the cowboy hat or watching him ride around on that horse, but he was just so manly!

Nick Barkley on the left and Heath with those smoldering eyes staring right into my soul and winning my heart!

In a pinch I would have taken his brother Nick Barkley, portrayed by Peter Breck. Nick was a bit of a bad boy, which is why I didn't love him as much as Heath, but he was just as good looking!

Then all of a sudden Heath had some competition! A new television show came on the horizon called Medical Center, which ran from 1969 to 1976. The main character was Dr. Joe Gannon.

Dr. Joe Gannon was played by the gorgeous actor, Chad Everett. He had these piercing blue eyes!

Dr. Joe Gannon was a surgeon and worked in a busy hospital somewhere in Los Angeles.

I loved that show and I loved Chad Everett and all of a sudden I knew I would have to leave The Big Valley to move to the Big City....Los Angeles to be the wife of a doctor!

I remember so well how I would just dream of both these men, it's makes me laugh now at how young and naive I was!

Who was your childhood fantasy crush? Do you remember these shows?