Sunday, July 24, 2022

Saturday with My Sister Lisa and Korean Ground Beef and Rice Bowls Recipe

     Yesterday I went over to my sister Lisa's house to help her organize a room that she is going to be using for her husband while he recuperates from an illness he is going through. She's having a hospital bed delivered tomorrow and we cleared out an extra bedroom. We could not move the treadmill or the couch she had in that room, but we did move a dresser and today my son and hers are supposed to get together and move the big stuff.

    Once we finished cleaning that room, while Lisa kept organizing stuff, I cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed her floors and did basic tidying up, then she made us some delicious Chocolate Iced Coffee and we had some of the lemon cake I had taken over to her.

    She wanted to order a new robot vacuum cleaner as their old one had broken several months ago and while we were searching she found a recipe that she had posted that she wanted to try out. She had most of the ingredients and I had a bag of coleslaw mix at my house so I went to go get it and we started cooking.

    I am a recipe girl, I've said that several times on the blog. I can't just pull ingredients out of the fridge and pantry and come up with a meal, I have to have a plan. Lisa and my mom are magicians in the kitchen, give them 8 items and they will make a fabulous meal with it. Yesterday we used a bit of my system and a bit of Lisa's.

    The recipe was for a Korean Ground Beef and Rice Bowl, you can find the recipe and photos HERE. We had most of the ingredients except for the fresh ginger and eggplant, so we improvised by adding frozen cauliflower rice and coleslaw mix.  Coleslaw mix is a mix of shredded green cabbage and carrots. 

    Lisa browned the ground beef while I chopped the red bell pepper and onion. She doesn't cook with salt, so she added a spice blend of Roasted Garlic and Red Bell Pepper from Dangold, you can find the spice HERE. This has zero sodium and was so good.  She also added lots of coarse black pepper and the onions. Once that was browned she removed it from the pan and added a little olive oil and sautéed the bell peppers and zucchini, cooked that for a couple of minutes, we both like our veggies with a little bite to them.

    Then she added the whole bag of the coleslaw mix and some Asian Salad dressing which has a peanut flavor and a bit of the low sodium soy sauce and sautéed that just enough to wilt it a bit, added the frozen cauliflower rice which she had put in the microwave just long enough to have it break up and then put the ground beef back in.

    Then it was time for the taste test...

    Winner Winner! We both love it. We both added Sriracha Sauce to the top because we love spicy. You can see all the lovely veggies. This is low sodium and low carb. Because of her husbands illness she has been trying to find recipes that will she can make with the specifications given to them by the doctors and this is one that he can eat.

    As I write this, she is at the hospital, hoping to get some news on how he's doing and when he can come home. Because of new Covid restrictions, only one person can be with him, so we can't visit him. This is a serious illness and I am hoping for the sake of my sister, their sons and grandchildren that he is able to get through this and make a full recovery. 

    If you can say a prayer for him and Lisa and their family, please do so. If you can send them positive vibes and energy, please do that as well. I'm a strong believer that everything that comes from love and concern for others can help.


  1. The dish looks good! You and Lisa are quite a team!
    Wishing Lisa's husband a swift and full recovery! The love and care of the family will , no doubt, do wonders for him.

  2. I'm just stopping in to let you know I’m thinking of you and the family. I pray Lisa’s husband is improving and feeling better now.

    Wishing you and the family all the best! Praying for a happy, healthy, and total recovery for your BIL.

    1. My husband passed away on 8/4/2022. my sister has been such a support. I am a mess. I miss my husband so much. I am so thankful for my sister.

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for them, Alicia.

    Hope you're doing fine.


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