Sunday, September 9, 2018

Art Journaling Update

I'm really looking forward to Autumn and cooler weather. It's been so hot that it's just taken the wind out of my sails when it comes to painting, but I'm happy that I've found an outlet in Art Journaling.

Here's a page I did today. I needed something bright and beautiful after my Dallas Cowboys lost to the Panthers. I'm hoping they do better in the rest of the season, but they did inspire some beautiful art work. C'mon Cowboys...turn into butterflies!

This is almost an art journal, even though it's a rock. Sometimes I miss Arizona and I was inspired by one of those kind of days to create something that reminded me of Arizona. Arizona's beautiful sunsets, there is nothing more beautiful!

Last weekend I did this one and it was so much fun! The background was from a sheet of script paper that I purchased at Hobby Lobby for $1.00. It was 12 x 12 inches so I still have some left. The flowers and leaves I drew and then painted on old book pages and then cut them out and pasted them on the page. Same with the birds and the branches.  This one took a while, but I didn't even notice the time, it flew by because I enjoyed doing this so much.

I did this one last weekend also, same technique, old book pages. I never thought of making art with old books, but I love it!

As soon as the weather changes and it gets cooler, I hope to get back to painting on canvas with acrylics, don't worry cousin Stella, your owls will be the first thing I do! I have the background done already.

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  1. Cool weather is indeed good for art, and in fact, for every kind of hobby.


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