Friday, November 24, 2017

Book Review - The Deepest Secret

The Deepest SecretThe Deepest Secret by Carla Buckley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another recommendation from my mom. Since her cataract surgery was successful, she has been reading up a storm, which is great! My love of reading comes from her.

I really did not expect the surprise ending! The story is about a boy named Tyler that is born with a rare medical condition that makes him fatally sensitive to light. His mother Eve devotes her life to making sure that her son stays alive, until the unexpected happens. Eve is driving to the airport to pick up her husband in pouring rain and she hits something in the road. She stops and tries to find what it was, thinking it was an animal when actually it was the little girl that lives next door!

Eve tries to revive the little girl but she can tell she's dead. Now the dilemma, she was texting when she hit her and she knows that she will be prosecuted for that. If she is found guilty and goes to jail who will take care of her son the way she has? And if she doesn't tell then the mother of the little girl who is her best friend will suffer until they find the body and then for the rest of her life if they don't catch the person who killed her.

Trust me, this is a must read if you enjoy a good mystery. Makes you wonder, what would you do for your child?

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  1. A little girl in pouring rain on the road?! Dead or a alive, that sounds a bit unreliable.
    Anyway, kudos to you and your Mom for being such avid readers.

    1. Thanks DUTA. In the book the little girl gets into an argument with her mom and goes out to sit on the porch and for some reason starts walking, but she had to be in the road for the story to take place....creative license on the part of the author.

  2. Would definitly like to know what she did next, but texting and driving........
    People still don't realise the seriousness of this deadly game.

    1. I honestly think that there should be a system implanted into cars that disable your phone when you have the key in the ignition. I know that people say that the government gets too involved in our lives and we don't need them telling us what to do and when to do it, but seriously there are some idiotic people out there that have no integrity and don't follow the letter of the law and it's because of them that crazy laws have to be put into effect, for example the motorcycle helmet law. But's really a good book and I would love to tell you what happens but half the fun of reading is finding out the ending on your own, right?


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