Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Reign of Terror

Last night I spent a most miserable night during the annual Reign of Terror. I liken it to the terror all the children from the age of 12 to 18 and their parents faced in the book and movie The Hunger Games.

My little girl just looked at me with sheer terror in her beautiful little eyes and my heart broke and there was nothing I could do because it was out of my hands, the terror that was taking place. I could hold her as close as possible but I still could not save her.  I felt like those parents in The Hunger Game.

I’m talking about Chorizo. My daughter’s Shih-Poo dog that I’m taking care of for the time being. 

Fireworks are what were terrifying her. It’s been ongoing since July 1st when they open up the “Safe and Sane” fireworks stands. Sane? I almost lost my sanity myself; I can’t even imagine Chorizo’s mental state!

Every single night from about 5pm to midnight you hear the popping and crackling of legal and illegal fireworks. 
Our small town celebrates with a fireworks display on July 3rd at the football field about 2 miles from my house. That night was bad but nothing compared to last night!

Last night was a true Reign of Terror. She wouldn’t eat or sleep, I would take her outside to do her business and she would just claw at my leg to try to climb up into my arms. I would have loved it if she had calmed down once she was in my arms but instead she trembled and shook uncontrollably with her tongue hanging out and her eyes almost bugging out of her head. Nothing would pacify or soothe her…nothing!

I hate this holiday, I truly do.

Update*** While listening to the news this morning I heard that Kern County Animal Shelter took in 119 lost animals that are not only traumatized from the noise and chaos of the past 5 days but now are homeless and missing their families. Last year they took in 179. It's just madness!


  1. Launching of fireworks should be banned, in my opinion. Fireworks release toxic chemicals and frighten people, animals and household pets. Poor, sweet Chorizo - what a torment she went through!

  2. I agree 100% DUTA, unfortunately the sale of legal fireworks in our county is a big fundraiser for dozens of local organizations. You will find a fireworks booth on almost every corner. Apparently during the 4 days they are allowed to sell they can raise in upwards of $10,000 for their group. And the groups are worthy groups...I'm not taking anything away from them with that, but surely there is something else they can do. It's just out of control! Poor Chorizo is still shaken and just wants to be by my side. I know she will get over it and then we will have to face it again on New Years Eve!

  3. I'm not too keen on fireworks myself. I'd rather have an organised display well away from animals rather than members of the public being able to buy them and set them off.

  4. I agree...and we do have an organized display on the 3rd of July but the selling of fireworks is a big fundraiser and raises tons of money, so I don't see it being outlawed any time in the near future unfortunately.


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