Sunday, January 1, 2017

Books Read in 2016

It's that time of the year annual "Books I Read This Year" wrap up. I've been keeping track using the Goodreads website since 2009, you can click each year to see the complete list.

2009 - 24 books
2010 - 24 books
2011 - 29 books
2012 - 26 books - Goal set was 30
2013 - 18 books - Goal set was 30
2014 - 33 books - Goal set was 20
2015 - 19 books - Goal set was 35

In 2016 I once again set a grand goal for myself, one that I again didn't reach! My goal was 35 books and I only read 19. 

I'm not even going to make excuses because considering what a busy year this was and my new hobby of painting I'm happy I read that many! But I am make a resolution to turn the TV off more often and just read for an hour or so before I go to bed each night. Let's hope that in the new year I do better. 

So here's the cute little set-up that Goodreads does each year to keep track of statistics and the actual books themselves.

They keep track of the longest and shortest books I read and the average length. 

The most popular book and the least and also the average rating out of 5 stars that I gave to each book. And also the book that I read that had the highest rating on Goodreads. It was once again a Jodi Picoult book. I think she's always my favorite, love her books!

And here's the complete list of my books. The Hummingbirds Daughter was pretty good.

So here's my pledge for 2017, I'm going to try to read one more book than I did this year. That shouldn't be too difficult right?
 2017 Book Challenge

How about you? Happy reading in 2017!


  1. Nice statistics, Alicia!
    Me. I dont keep any track of this kind.
    Books that I usually read are non-fiction such as self-help books, geography and travel,history, economy (light)etc...

    I believe that if you wish to understand the facts of reality and be able to correctly predict certain things (not the way american media predicted the result of the elections), then I think that, at a certain stage in life, this is the right kind of books one should read.The media can be very misleading about a lot of things, so one has to make decisions, based on one's logic, and one's one's reading of the real facts, or even better - looking at what's going on around oneself - and not from the car.

    1. I can see your point DUTA, so many people base their opinions and thoughts on the world solely on what they see on the news or read in news snippets on social media. It would be so much better if more people were like you and actually read books that helped them to understand history and why things are the way they are and why they happen.

      I read as an escape. So most of what I read is fiction, as you can tell from my list. I think the important thing is that we should all read more. It's good for us to keep our mind active and may help to deter Alzheimer's or Dementia. Happy New Year DUTA!

  2. Well, 19 beats 18. Plus some nooks count as two. Yes! :)





    1. Hahaha Blue! That is true. I've always been a big reader. My count has gone down because my mother and both my grown children have moved back in with me and I spend my time chatting with them. I look forward to the day again when I can come home from work and just sit and read with a glass of wine! :) Happy New Year to you also!

  3. Crap! I just submitted a comment and I clicked to publish it but I think I may have hit sign out instead. Gads I am getting senile. If you get two comments from me, delete one of them.

    Is Goodreads preserving the record of your challenge if you don't make it? I did challenges in 2014 and 2015 and missed them by a few books and the challenge disappeared from my profile page when the new year clicked over. I like having an easily accessed record of the books I read for each year, so last year and this year I have set my goal to the artificially low goal of 10 books, so that a completed record would be preserved.

    I like the new features they have added and it is an attractive format for displaying ones's books.

    You read some very interesting looking titles last year Alicia!

    I read 32 which is down for me, but I had problems staying with the books last year and little desire to read at all at times. I hope to do better this year.

    I did see an interesting comment on someone profile page. "I intend to live more and read less this year." I should adopt a similar approach..."I intend to live more, read more, and shop for books less this year." I am pushing 1000 books on my Kindle. I don't need to buy another book for the rest of my life.

    Nice post showcasing your books. I hope you make your goal next year!

    1. I'm pretty sure they still keep track even though you don't reach your goal. As you can see I have not reached my goal for the past few years. You just need to figure out how to get the challenges for the years you are missing.

      There were some pretty good books read in 2016. Unfortunately my online book club just disappeared and I used to really get some great books from them.

      All things in moderation, I think you can life more and still read. Reading is not a bad thing. I think more people should make "I intend to live more and watch TV less this year." TV can be a big time waster.

      Happy New year and it's nice to see you are back to blogging and commenting!

  4. Reading can be (and is) so good.
    I don't set myself targets as other things can happen and you just don't get that'set' number read.

    Just read and enjoy ...

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan, I agree. I think I started reading less when I had a goal. I'm about 4 pages away from finishing my first book of 2017 and I keep putting it aside because I don't want it to end. Saving the last 4 pages for tonight with a glass of wine! :)


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