Thursday, March 3, 2016

Energy Bank Account in the Red?

In case you're wondering what the heck is up with me posting daily, well it's because I'm posting daily!

Actually I'm trying to complete a 30 day writing lab. Every day there is a new writing prompt to stimulate my brain and help me get back into the swing of posting on a more regular basis.

Today's writing prompt is "If you think of energy like a bank account, how do you spend the vast majority of your daily energy?"

Thinking of my real bank account, the one with actual money it, I probably spend 75% of the money just paying bills. Bills that help me and my loved ones just get through life. You know the drill; house and house insurance payment, car and car insurance payment, life insurance payment, food, gas, clothing, electricity, gas, water, garbage, cell phone, Internet, cable, medications, all those "must-haves" in life. 75%! That's a lot don't you think?

And it's not like the other 25% I just spend willy-nilly on my own entertainment, nope...some of that money goes into savings, some into those little emergencies that come up like needing new tires, new glasses, water heater breaks down. Incidental things that pop up that you have to be prepared for. And there is the occasional "must-have" happy hour and dinner out with the girls!

But...I never stopped to think of my energy bank account and how I use it.

Here's my Energy Bank Account - Hours in a Week are 168 so I have 168 bankable hours to spend.

Right off the bat you can deduct my 40 hour work week, 5 hours for a one hour daily commute, 5 hours for a one hour lunch period, 5 hours for the hour I spend getting ready to come to work each day. I was going to figure out the percentages and do a nice little pie chart for you, but's the thing. I hate math! I hate Excel, I hate spreadsheets, so I'll just post this nice little picture of a slice of a delicious low-carb Pumpkin Pie I made at Thanksgiving!

That's close to 70%. So I spend 70% of my energy and life to have enough money to spend 75% on BILLS!!! Isn't that crazy?? And I don't even want to think how much of that money goes straight to taxes, although I will know soon enough as I have an appointment this afternoon with my accountant to do my taxes! It's just mind-boggling!

That is why we have to do more things with that time we have left than just sit there vegging out on the couch! Get out there and have fun, do things, join friends for adventure, play games with family members, anything! You don't want your headstone to say "SHE WAS A GOOD EMPLOYEE AND PROVIDER"  do you?


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