Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Smart One vs. The Instigator

Ya'll know how I've been following my new Way of Eating (WOE) faithfully right?

I've been eating low carb/high fat since July 7, 2015 and I've lost 28 pounds and dropped three dress sizes...YAY me!

It's not been easy but I can be my own best Dominatrix when I want to be!

The reason it's not always easy is that there are two parts to me when it comes to food. The Smart One and The Instigator. Let me give you an example of how these two parts of me work.

I love Cashews! Love, love, love them! And while they are not the lowest carb of the various nuts out there, they are still not terribly high in carbs and they have very healthy fats, not to mention that they are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They are naturally cholesterol free and help to reduce blood pressure. They protect against cataracts and can help to prevent diabetes.

So the dominatrix in me allows me to have them once in a while. I usually buy those small 1.5 ounce bags and I know that buying them in bulk in larger cans would be cheaper, but I also know that if I have a can of cashews I will eat that whole can in one evening watching TV. You know the old Lay's Potato Chip commercial that said, "bet you can't eat just one"? Well I can't eat just one cashew, or even a handful...nope I have to devour the whole thing! And I know this about myself.

 The other day, I was stopped at a red light on a corner near my office and I spy a CVS Store across the street. CVS sells these cans of the jumbo cashews, like the ones in the picture above. They are so delicious! Meaty and crunchy and so buttery tasting...Yum!

So I think to myself, I'm going to stop and buy a can so I have something to snack on while I watch American Idol. That's when Smart One steps in and says, "Girl! You can't be buying a whole can of Cashews, you know you're going to eat them all in one sitting!"

Then the instigator comes in and says, "Don't listen to her, you can do it. Just stop, buy the can, eat 7 or 8 on the drive home and then when you're watching American Idol count out 8 more and put the can away and just do this until you finish the can."

Smart One pipes up again saying, "No, you know that you have the best intentions, but you can't do it. You can't just stop! Cashews are your kryptonite! Just drive on little lady, just drive on!"

Instigator chimes in, "But if you don't have any cashews, what are you going to snack on? You might be tempted to eat something you shouldn't just because you listened to Smart One and didn't stop to buy cashews!"

So Smart One again says, "Remember last time? Remember how you ate that whole can watching football? Remember how it upset your tummy and you swore that you would never buy a whole can of cashews again? Remember? Do you remember that?

And I remembered, and the light turned green and I headed home and didn't buy the cashews, because after all that is why the Smart One is the Smart One!



  1. Keep on listening to the Smart One - she won't steer you wrong!
    Of course, this is from someone who can't pass by a cashew without grabbing a handful!

  2. These two opposite forces struggle in most people that are on diet.
    I do like cashews, almonds, pistachios and all the other 'guys' in this category, but I seldom buy them, unless I'm expecting visitors. This is very healthy stuff, and yet very fattening. If I wish to remind myself of their taste, I'll shamelessly do so at the supermarket by taking 2-3 cashews from the basket and putting them in my mouth. Believe me, no harm done to the store's profits, even if every customer will 'taste' the merchandise.This is included in the price.
    Luckily, when watching TV I'll have fruit for a snack.

    Anyway, I'm inpressed by your success with the low-carb way of life. It's inspiring and giving hope to other people who wish to loose weight and feel healthy.

  3. I know you're right Pondside...and this time the Smart One won, but every once in a while that Instigator comes up with some pretty good rationalizations! If nothing else the voices in my head both love me. One wants to keep me healthy and the other wants to keep me happy :)

  4. Oh DUTA, your comment made me laugh about how you just take 2 or 3 out of the baskets in the grocery store and that's included in the price. How right you are. And I guess that is a good way to get them out of your system.

    Fruit is one of those foods that is difficult on my way of eating because of the sugar content. There are many allowable fruits, one of my favorites is strawberries, but unfortunately right now is not strawberry season and they are super expensive, so nuts help to fill that void.

    Thank you for your encouragement and I hope that I can be an inspiration to others. I know that I have struggled with weight my whole life and now I feel so absolutely fabulous that I want to put everyone on a low carb/high fat diet!! But of course I have to just hope that I sway people to making healthier choices, even if my WOE is not their WOE. Thanks for commenting!

  5. Love it! I'm pretty good if I only take a small ramiken amount, but today I went to a friend's home and she put out mint m&m's. Damn they were good :-(

  6. Why do they tempt us like that right Heidi!!! Mint M&M's sound pretty darn good right about not. I was actually contemplating picking up some of the Atkins M&M candies. I don't like to eat processed foods or treats, would rather make my own, but it might be nice to have them for Super Bowl Sunday! But then again I may just make cheesecake stuffed strawberries, hard to decide!


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