Thursday, February 4, 2016

Good Deeds - Do you keep them to yourself or tell others?

I've always followed this bible verse when it comes to doing good deeds...

Pretty simple right? Don't sing your own praises. Don't look for your reward for your good deeds right now and here on earth, wait and your reward will come from your Father in Heaven.

But, the other day I saw a post on Facebook of a man, Bear Taliferro Jr., who was in a Wal-mart paying and he heard a woman in the next checkout line, telling her daughter that they couldn't afford to eat that night. More on that story and the photo posted HERE. He told the mother to grab what she wanted and he would pay for it.

He posted a picture of himself with the mother and child in the background. He earned much praise for being a good man even though he said he didn't post the picture to get "likes" on his post but to say, "GOD puts you where he needs you to be WHEN he needs you to be there."

Many people criticized him for various reasons such as posting a picture of the woman and child and including himself in the picture and some for what the bible verse above says, for singing his own praises for his good deed. Yet he did it to bring awareness to us all that we are where we are for a reason, try to find something good in being there.

I at times do good deeds, small things, things that just happen, times that I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. I always kept it to myself because of the bible verse above.

However, Bear's message has given me thought. Should good deeds be kept to yourself or shared with others to inspire others to also do good deeds? Or shared with others to bring attention to certain causes?

It's something that I will have to ponder and I'm interested in knowing what you think?



  1. Hi Alicia!
    Pretty story about this samaritan. I tend to keep them to myself. I feel that if you "boast" it really is not a good deed.

  2. Personally I find it inspirational to read of good deeds like this. If he posted to be praised I would say not so good, but to highlight messages of helping others, I say right on!

  3. Hi Oliva,
    Yes, it was a very nice thing he did and I truly think he did it from his heart and shared it in hopes of inspiring others. Regardless of his intentions the woman and her baby profited from it and they truly needed help.

  4. Heidi,
    I agree with you about finding inspiration in reading about others good deeds, that why I have been pondering the question.

  5. If the post wasn't boastful, but sent a message of gratitude at being the instrument of God's love, then I think it can only help - letting others know, planting a seed.........

  6. It is not the giver that interests me. There are many kind people out there willing to help someone in distress. It is the woman that makes me wonder. In a place such as the USA with its vast system of entitlements and welfare,how come a mother doesn't have dinner for her child. Something is wrong here. Perhaps it's a matter of her priorities.If this is the case, then she should be helped by education, by teaching her to plan her budget.

    As for your question, I'm for doing good deeds quietly, even anonimously if possible.

  7. Thank you Pondside, that is true and no it wasn't boastful at all.

  8. DUTA,
    I agree with you, there is lots of help out there, no one really have to go hungry, especially not a woman with a child. I don't know all the details, how long the woman had been without money/food, who knows? It makes you stop to think, but I'm glad that at least for a few nights that woman had something to eat and more importantly so did her child, thanks to the man that stepped in.

  9. I just had this same conversation with my 87 year old dad. I've tried to be more aware of people in need, even if it's only a little thing like buying someone a cup of coffee. I haven't told others about it, believing as you do. But then, I've told my daughter and this is what I told my dad today - if I don't talk to you about these opportunities, will you see them? Will you step out of your comfort zone and help someone? Sometimes I feel uncomfortable asking someone if they need a meal, but I feel better after I've helped them.


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