Monday, July 28, 2014

National Tequila Day has come and gone...but the memories linger!! Sister Night Margaritas!

Bet you didn't know that last week on Thursday it was National Tequila Day? Well it was. Did it pass you by?

Luckily, thanks to all those sweet people on Facebook, I was reminded all day long! I never realized so many of my friends love Tequila the same way I do! Maybe that's why they're my friends? So I immediately got my sister Lisa on that Tequila bandwagon and we planned to get together after work to celebrate.

A little history on me and my sister Lisa. When her son Sean was in high school, he played football. So every Friday found us two sisters sitting in the bleachers either sweating up a storm or wrapped in blankets freezing to death watch Sean play football! Through thick and thin, we were there.

After football season ended during Sean's Senior year we felt a little displaced and out of touch with each other. So we said "Why does this have to end?"  Thus was born the tradition of "Sister Night". A night during the week when we get together to just catch up on our lives, to joke, to cry, to share memories, but mainly a night devoted to "sister love"!

Sean has now graduated college, he's completed the police academy, he's a dad...and my sister and I continue to get together one night a week for Sister Night!

Well National Tequila Day fell on our sister night, so we hit one of our favorite watering holes for Happy Hour! And, we got Happy! With these little beauties! On the left, a Watermelon Margarita for my sister Lisa and on the right, a Raspberry Margarita for me! Don't you love the colors? Tell me your mouth is not watering right now!

Since it was a special holiday, we threw caution to the wind and decided to order some of their delicious appetizers. An order of Chicken Taquitos with Guacamole and Sour Cream, and an order of their Chorizo-Bean Dip with Flour Chips. Plus Chips and Salsa? We were in Tequila Heaven!

Our poor little waitress kept coming by wanting to know how the Chorizo-Bean Dip was since she had recommended it and we had to keep sending her away as we were busy taking Selfies!

Love the way we match our drinks, like we dressed for the occasion! We did eventually put down our phones to dig in to our appetizers and they were delicious! The Margaritas were super yummy and our little waitress tried to talk us into having another, but with age comes wisdom and we know when we've had enough.

Another Successful Sister Night for the history books!


  1. I need to try a real Margaritta some time. My wife doesn't drive and I am afraid I would get kicked in the ass and not be able to drive. They do look good though.

    Sister night, great idea.

    1. Yes you do! The fruity ones, like the ones in the picture above are delicious, but I wouldn't call them a real margarita. A real margarita actually has tequila in them! Tequila, simple syrup, a shot of Grand Marnier on the rocks! That's a real margarita. But the fruity ones are so pretty. I love mango margaritas but the best one I have ever had was in Old Town San Diego and it was a Jalapeno Margarita! Fabulous! Maybe you can grab a cab home? That way you can really enjoy it.

      Yep, we love sister night. We haven't missed too many of them.


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