Thursday, May 29, 2014

King of the Row Crop and We Are Our Father's Daughters!

Our dad was King of the Row Crop. That man could grow anything! When I was just a baby we lived in Arizona where he farmed cotton and hay. Once we moved here to Kern County he farmed lettuce, bell pepper, potatoes, and tomatoes and those are just the things I knew about, I’m sure there were tons of other produce that he farmed that I didn't know about.

One year he had a crop of romaine lettuce that was legendary! All you saw as far as the eye could see was rows upon rows of beautiful, huge, green Romaine Lettuce! I'm not even kidding, just look at the picture! That's my dad and his romaine lettuce!

I remember going out there with my mom and siblings and our children to see them. He had been bragging and begging us to come out to the ranch. Mom took her video camera and we have some beautiful footage of my dad walking in his fields and talking to his workers. It’s something I will never forget. Just as I cherish this picture that I took that day. Dad loved farming!

None of us...his children...were born with as green a thumb as his. But we do try! Recently my sister and I remembered a flower that my mom used to grow when we lived in the Imperial Valley. In Spanish we knew it as Rayo de Sol, translated to Ray of Sunshine. The lady that lived next door to us there, Vicenta, cut a small clipping off of her existing plant and gave it to my mom. She planted it and it just grew like gangbusters!!! The official name of the plant is Portulaca, but it's called by many names.

What I loved at the time and remember now about the flower is that it bloomed best and most beautifully during the dog days of summer! The hotter it was the happier this flower was and the bigger it smiled. My sister Lisa and I recently went on a hunt for Portulaca and had to go to several different nursery's before finally finding it and buying a flat which we split in half. And then we got to planting!

The first picture are my flowers, the second are Lisa's flowers. Not bad right?

The one flat gave us enough plants to fill two big planters like the ones pictured here and then a smaller one. I think we did a pretty good job following in our father's footsteps or green thump print!

My dad fed the world with what he planted and grew and we are starting small here, but I think we're doing pretty good for rookies!

Have you ever heard of these flowers? What's your favorite flower? Do you have a green thumb?



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    1. Thanks Angie. I do better with outdoor plants because I'm definitely killing all the ones at the

  2. Your dad was a hell of a man. Brought up some good kids too.

    Love your portulaca. I don't know that I have a favorite flower but I love hanging baskets of petunias mixed with something else.

    My favorite wild flower is the bluet:

    They probably don't grow in your neck of the woods. The blossom in smaller than a dime. I saw a patch of them blowing in the wind years ago and had one of those moments, the parting of the veil, and for an infinite instant you see eternity. Yeah it is my favorite.

    1. He was a hell of a man! Thank you!

      Petunias are pretty. My very favorite flower would have to be yellow roses. Those are next on my "to-do" list, but still a few years away. I don't have as much time as I need to keep a rose bed clean and beautiful yet.

      I love the bluet, I have not seen them in my neck of the wood that's true. Looks like they prefer the East Coast. That's you describe them :)

      Maybe I'll see if I can get some seeds and plant them and see how they survive in Kern County. My Arizona plant has a few buds this morning, hopefully will be blossoming by the weekend considering this week will be hotter than Hades!


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